Fila And Lila Of Zora Citizen TV Series 10 Unknown Facts And Photos

Fila and Lila of Zora Series

Who are the little girls on Citizen TV Show, Zora?. Here is what you need to know about the young and talented girls featured in Zora Series on Citizen TV.

Fila and Lila, the young actresses who play sisters in Zora Series. Get to know each of them today, in this article.

Any Zora fan has most probably been entertained by the two girls, Fila and Lila, and if you are a Zora Series fan then you most likely would like to know more about the little sisters Fila and Lila.

With that being said, here are facts about Fila and Lila from Zora series that you should know about today.

Below is a list of 10 facts about Fila and Lila including their most recent beautiful photos and videos of the two actresses.

Fila and Lila took the attention of many when they covered ‘Hello’ by American singer Adele. When Citizen tv first aired the trailer of Zora Series when Maria ended.

From their real names, age, acting career and so much more, here is real life facts about Fila and Lila from Zora Citizen TV Series.

We hereby present to you Zora Series actresses Fila and Lila real life facts and pictures.

Facts About Fila And Lila From Citizen TV Series, Zora:

  1. Fila of Zora Series real name is Angel Atieno
  2. Lila from Citizen tv series Zora real name is Nyabiya Syekei
  3. Fila and Lila are not sisters in real life, they are just acting as sisters in Zora Series
  4. Angel Atieno who plays the role of Fila in Zora is currently 9 years old this year (2021)
  5. Nyabiya Syekei who plays Lila in the Zora Series on Citizen TV is currently 8 years of age this year (2021)
  6. Angel Atieno and Nyabiya Syekei are both currently in Primary School in Kenya
  7. Nyabiya Syekei also known as Lila in Zora has other talents other than acting, she is a very good singer, she does gymnastics and she dances too. As a matter of fact,
    Nyabiya Syekei is an alumnus of the Red Forth Kids choir. She has done covers of songs such as; Colours Of The Wind and Someone You Loved, currently available on YouTube.
  8. Angel Atieno who is known as Fila in Zora Citizen TV Series, is not left behind when it comes to having multiple God given talents, she is a talented singer too, she does gymnastics and also a great dancer. She has released her own gospel song titled ‘Holly Spirit’. It was released a few months ago and is now live on YouTube.
  9. Angel Atieno and Nyabiya Syekei (Fila and Lila) both have loving and supportive parents who highly support their children’s talents despite their young age
  10. It is NOT the first time the girls (Angel and Nyabiya) have appeared on a national television show in Kenya, one was featured in KTN Kids Show, Club Kiboko.
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Now that you have known about Fila and Lila of Zora series, below are beautiful photos, videos and skits of the two talented actresses (Angel Atieno and Nyabiya Syekei).

Here are the latest pictures of Zora series actors Fila and Lila, including their videos.

Angel Atieno (Fila) photos and videos:

Nyabiya Syekei (Lila) photos and videos:

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