Top 10 US States With The Most Fatal Car Accidents 2023

Most Fatal Car Accidents in America by state

Which state has the most fatal car accident in the United States today?.

These are the top 10 USA States today that currently have or get the highest number of dangerous car accidents that lead to multiple deaths in the country.

Driving is the most dangerous thing most Americans do every day. Virtually every American knows someone who’s been injured in a car crash, and each year cars kill about as many people as guns and severely injure millions.

That NHTSA indicates there are on average 99 fatalities every day from a car accident.

There are 7,507 people injured in the United States in car accidents every day. That number is high.

America experiences more car accident fatalities and injuries than any other first-world country.

As a matter of fact, America is home to approximately 50 percent more accidents than Europe, Canada, and Japan, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT).

With that being said, below are the states that have the most car accidents.

States With The Most Car Accidents:

  1. Texas (3,305)
  2. California (3,259)
  3. Florida (2,915)
  4. Georgia (1,407)
  5. North Carolina (1,321)
  6. Pennsylvania (1,103)
  7. Ohio (996)
  8. Tennessee (974)
  9. South Carolina (970)
  10. Illinois (948)
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