10 Best NHIF Accredited Hospitals In Nairobi 2023


What are the best hospitals in Nairobi that are accredited by NHIF?.

Here are the 10 best well established hospitals in Nairobi that are National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) accredited.

These health facilities in Nairobi, for the year of their operation in Kenya, have proven to be nothing but the best health faculties available in Nairobi, Kenya.

There is no debate on the fact that a good hospital is a factor for a patient’s well being.

If a hospital and all the staff that work at the facility are dedicated in their duties, then the hospital is able to do its job as a hospital, and that is to save as many lives as possible and providing the best medical care for the sick patients, in order for them to quickly recover and become stable once again.

If you are looking for reliable hospitals in Nairobi.

In this article, we have listed Nairobi’s Best Hospitals that are currently NHIF accredited.

With that said, below is the list of the NHIF accredited hospitals in Nairobi County.

List of the Best Hospitals in Nairobi that are Accredited by NHIF:

1. The Nairobi Hospital

The Nairobi Hospital is among the most popular hospitals in Kenya, and it’s popularity comes from the excellent health care services offered at the health facility.

The Nairobi Hospital has been offering good services for patients in Nairobi Kenya for over 60 years now and counting.

To be precise, the hospital was established back in the year 1954, and has been operating day and night 24/7 since then, till today.

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It is one of the most recommended hospitals in Kenya.

2. AAR Health Care.

The AAR Healthcare is one of the best hospitals in Nairobi today. The hospitals has a well established health care system that provides great services to both the patients and the visitors.

The hospitals has highly qualified doctors in different areas to ensure the best practical, medical treatment, assistance and advice if necessary.

The AAR Hospital has a number of branches Countywide which are distributed in major cities and counties in Kenya.

The hospital is ranked among the best hospitals that offer excellent services in the facility.

The AAR Health Care Hospital is located at Ngong 4th Avenue in Nairobi.

3. The MP Shah Hospital

MP Shah is an NHIF accredited health facility in Nairobi and one of the best available in the Nairobi region.

The MP Shah hospital has for the past years gained a lot of good reputation because of their services and the modern technology used in the facility.

If you are looking for reliable and relatively affordable hospital in Nairobi County, this is one of them.

Its name comes from Meghji Pethraj Shah Hospital. (MP Shah).

4. The Karen Hospital

The Karen Hospital is a leading health care facility in Nairobi that has a very good reputation in the health sector.

The facility has highly skilled doctors and professionals staff at the health care facility.

The Karen Hospital is on the left side, along Langata Road in Nairobi.

5. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital

The Nairobi Woman’s Hospital which has many other branches in major counties in Kenya apart from Nairobi, majorly deals with women health issues.

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The hospital however also has other health departments that takes care of general health problems for any gender and age.

The NHIF accredited hospital is among the best hospitals in Nairobi Kenya.

6. The Mater Hospital

The Mater Hospital is another highly recommended health facility in Nairobi and Kenya at large when it comes to health care.

The hospital is among the oldest health facilities in Kenya operating for more than 50 years and counting.

The health facility has well trained and skilled professionals working at the hospital so you can be at ease when admitting a patient at the facility.

Mater hospital which is at Mukenia Road, South B estate in Nairobi is an accredited hospital by National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

7. The St. Mary’s Hospital

The St.Mary’s Hospital is among Nairobi’s most recommended hospitals.

The health facility is located at Police Dog Unit Road in Nairobi, which makes it a very easy to access hospital if you are a resident of Nairobi Town.

The health care facility’s staff are very helpful and are always ready to be of assistance.

8. The Getrude Children’s Hospital

The Gertrude Children’s Hospital is a leading children’s health care facility located along Muthaiga Road, in Nairobi.

The hospital is an NHIF accredited hospital and it is specialized in children’s health care issues.

It is also among the best hospitals in Nairobi with well behaved staff and good customer service for parents and children.

If you are looking for a children’s health facility in Nairobi, this is one of the best in Kenya.

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9. The Savannah Healthcare Services

The Savannah Healthcare Services which is located at Kenyatta Avenue, Gilfillian House Mezzanine Floor in Nairobi is one of the most technology advanced hospitals in Nairobi County.

The hospital has been operating in the country for a long time and has a very good reputation in the health care sector.

10. The Meridian Medical Center

The Meridian Medical Center is another great health care facility in Nairobi.

The hospital has been one of the most reliable hospitals since it was first established in Kenya.

If you are looking for an affordable and high quality health facility in Nairobi Kenya, this one should definitely be in your list if hospitals.

The NHIF accredited hospital is located at Kedong House 1st Floor in Nairobi.

Those are some of the best hospitals in Nairobi that are registered and accredited by NHIF.

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