30+ Best Swahili Sayings and Quotes About Love 2023

Best Swahili Sayings and Quotes About Love

What are the best Kiswahili quotes and sayings about love and relationships?.

Here is a list of Swahili’s best quotes about love and the best Swahili sayings about love.

Below is the list of beautiful quotes in Swahili about love (mapenzi), relationships, marriage and couples.

Kiswahili sayings and quotes come out very romantic when said to someone who understands and knows their meanings.

Whether you are in a relationship with your amazing swahili partner, you recently got into a relationship with a partner who knows Kiswahili, you have a Kiswahili speaking crush, you want to text your girlfriend or boyfriend a romantic swahili message or whatever the reason is.

Here are the best swahili sayings about love that sound so much more romantic when said in Swahili.

If you are looking for amazing, heartfelt and beautiful Kiswahili Quotes and Sayings that sound way romantic when said in swahili.

Below is the list of the best swahili sayings and quotes that you should definitely know about.

Best Kiswahili Sayings and Quotes about Love:

  • Kipendacho moyo ni dawa.

What the heart desires is medicine to it.

  • Moyo wa kupenda hauna subira.

A heart deep in love has no patience.

  • Mke kito chema.

A wife is considered a beautiful jewel.

  • Mimi najihisi sana wakati niko na wewe.

I am much more of myself when I am around you.

  • Asante sana daima kwa kuwa upinde wangu baada ya dhoruba.

Thank you very much for always being my rainbow after the storm.

  • Najua upendo ni nini, ni kwa sababu yako.

I know what love is because of you.

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  • Nikikuangalia wewe, naona maisha yangu yote ya usoni mbele ya macho yangu.

Whenever I look at you, I instantly see the rest of my life in front of my eyes

  • Kama ningepata nafasi kuishi maisha yangu tena, Ningependa kukupata upesi.

If I were to live my life again, I would love to find you sooner.

  • Nataka kuwa jambo lako la maana sana na kwaheri yako ambayo ni ngumu sana.

I would like to be your favorite hello as well as your hardest goodbye.

  • Kila mahali nikiangalia ninakumbushwa upendo wako. Wewe ni dunia yangu.

Everywhere I look I am always reminded of how much you love me. You are my world.

  • Upendo ni kama upepo, huwezi kuona, lakini unaweza kuhisi hivyo.

Love is like the wind, you cannot see it, but you can feel it.

  • Kama kuna kitu chochote nilifanya vizuri maishani mwangu ilikuwa ni wakati mimi nilikupea moyo wangu.

If there is anything I ever did right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you.

  • Kupenda sio kitu, Kupendwa ni kitu. Lakini kupenda na kupendwa ni kila kitu.

To love is nothing, to be loved is quite something. But to love and be loved is everything.

  • Sina haja ya mahala peponi kwa sababu nimekupata wewe. Sina haja na ndoto kwa sababu niko na wewe.
  • Hisia bora kabisa ni wakati unamwangalia na yeye tayari anakuangalia.

The best feeling happens to be when you look at him/her and you find out he/she is already staring.

  • Pamoja na wewe ni pahala bora zaidi kwangu kuwa.

Being together with you is where my favorite place is.

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  • Kidole kisicho pete huvikwa.

The finger that has no ring is bound to get one.

  • Naapa siweza kukupenda zaidi kuliko sasa na bado najua nitafanya hivyo kesho.

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.

  • Pamoja na wewe ni pahala bora zaidi kwangu kuwa.

Together with you is my favorite place to be.

  • Sina haja ya mahala peponi kwa sababu nimekupata wewe. Sina haja na ndoto kwa sababu niko na wewe.

I don’t need paradise because I found you. I don’t need dreams because I have you.

  • Nafurahi kukuona

I’m pleased to meet you/ I’m happy to meet you.

  • Wapendeza sana

You look so beautiful/lovely

  • Hakuna anayemshinda mwanaume kama mwanamke.

There is nothing that can overpower a man like a woman.

Those are the best swahili quotes and sayings of all time, when it comes to love.

The Swahili sayings above are translated in English directly from Swahili, below every Swahili sentence.

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