35+ Best Chief Keef Quotes, Lyrics and IG Captions

Chief keef quotes, Lyrics and Instagram captions

Chief Keef has some of the most inspiring and motivational quotes both from his interviews and lyrics.

We have a list of more than 35 greatest chief keef quotes, Lyrics captions and captions to use on Instagram.

Keith Farrelle Cozart, better known by his stage name Chief Keef, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Born and raised in Chicago’s South Side, he began his recording career as a teenager and first garnered regional attention and praise for his mixtapes in the early 2010s.

With that being said, here are the best chief keef captions and quotes to use today.

Best Chief Keef Quotes:

Every day do something that’ll get you closer to a better tomorrow. ― Chief Keef

I firmly believe the world will sort itself out in the end. Believe it with me. At least none of us will be around to be proven wrong. ― Chief Keef

I’m glad to be someone that people listen to and look up to. Glad that I can help change the situations and be the scenery in Chicago. I love my city still but it is crazy. ― Chief Keef

There ain’t gonna be nothing the same. I’m gonna try to go another way. I like to keep going different ways and keep it the same. I don’t copy. Come up with my own stuff, my own everything. ― Chief Keef

The purpose of nature is the advancement and development of life. – Chief Keef

I stay outta the way. I don’t like drama or beef. I just want my dreams to become reality. – Chief Keef

Situation is what all you make of it. ― Chief Keef

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If you keep reading the same chapter, you won’t finish the book. ― Chief Keef

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ― Chief Keef

You only need to have one person believe in you in order to succeed, and that person should be you. ― Chief Keef

I growed up. No, I Glo’d Up. ― Chief Keef

I got away from all the unnecessary trouble, drama, problems. I came out here to where it’s better life-wise, living. ― Chief Keef

I used to know how to draw and art. When I was 7 years-old, I learned how to draw. I think it’s a way to express myself through pictures, pictures of me, all pictures of me. I love art. ― Chief Keef

I firmly believe the world will sort itself out in the end. Believe it with me. At least none of us will be around to be proven wrong. – Chief Keef

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Chief Keef

Best Chief Keef Quotes from Song Lyrics:

Can’t trust every face, b!tch, you gotta watch ’em. – Monster

I got love for some designer. – Designer

We them Glory Boyz, b!tch, we be designer. – Designer

Don’t start us, can’t stop us. – I Don’t Know Dem

We be makin’ moves, sh!t, that’s every day. – Everyday

You want something? Hurry up. – Faneto 

I don’t stack money, I spend it in every way. – Everyday

I’m a glo man I don’t need a garment. – Earned it

I spend this money ’cause I earned it. – Earned it

Please don’t call my phone with all that nonsense. – Earned it

I’m just like a scavenger on a hunt. – Michelin

Rollin’ like the Michelin Man. – Michelin

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Y’all know I’m a grown boy, yo’ clique full of broke boys. – Love Sosa

Bihh, I’m the trendin’ topic. –  Love Sosa

Fake Trues, that’s that sh!t I don’t like. – I Don’t Like

I can’t lose, b!tch, I’m so used to winnin’. – Winnin’ 

Everything double digits, we so used to winnin’. – Winnin’ 

All we do is turn up, we some d*mn monsters. – Monster

Best Chief Keef Captions For Instagram:

Life doesn’t suck. You’re just living with the wrong people.

The mf who stole Christmas

I do sh!t for me. I ain’t tryna impress nobody but me.

Laugh with many, but don’t trust any.

Livin’ life like it’s no tomorrow.

She say she love me, whatever that is.

All I wanted was love, and all I got was pain.

Sometimes, I wish it was different, but I learned from it.

First, it hurts, then it changes you.

They can never ever forget me.

I look both ways crossin’ the streets and that shit still wasn’t safe

If this is how I knew it would end, we should’ve stayed strangers.

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