List Of Best Kikuyu Girl Names and Their Meanings 2022

Kikuyu female Names

Kikuyu, which is among the top most populated tribes in Kenya has some very beautiful girl names with interesting meaning.

If you are looking for the best Kikuyu female names with beautiful meanings, then you are in the right place.

In this article, with the help of Kikuyus, older people from the tribe and the general opinions of Kenyans.

We have ranked the top best Kikuyu names for women including their actual meaning from Kikuyu to English.

Whether you are looking for a cute Kikuyu name to call your baby girl or you just want to know about female Kikuyu names.

Here is the list of the best names for girls in Kikuyu tribe and their meanings.

Female Kikuyu Names And Meanings:

Mugeci – means a talkative and money motivated woman from the Kikuyu tribe

Njambi – means a strong woman who is hard working and intelligent

Wangui – means a lightskin woman from the Kikuyu land

Wambui – typically means a calm beautiful woman who can make a good wife

Wanjiru – means a Kikuyu lady who is ready for what life has to offer and very hard working with money motivated

Njoki – means skinny and hard working lady

Njeri – means curvy, plus size and quick tempered girls

Muthoni – means a good looking, sarcastic and hypocritical Kikuyu woman

Wanjiku – means a very sexy lady, cute smile and super seductive

Wanja – Typically means a beautiful and very attractive girl

Wangithi – means a fighter, strong and loving girl

Waitherero – means a girl from the south who is to become a queen

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Wangeci – It means a loyal partner and loving wife

Wangari – means a smart, intelligent and at the same time no nonsense lady

Nyambura – means a good wife and also means a woman from the rain

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