150+ Best Snapchat Private Story Names Ideas For Girls 2023

Private story names for girls on Snapchat

From Funny, Baddie, Unique and Creative private story names ideas for your Snapchat that people will definitely admire.

Snapchat private stories are very fun and giving your private story a unique name that will grab people’s attention makes it even better.

What’s a private story on Snapchat?.

A private story on Snapchat allows you to make your stories only visible to certain people.

Snapchat allows you to give your private story a custom name, which makes it even more fun!

You also have the option to give friends the ability to upload their own stories.

This becomes kind of like a group chat, but with stories that are only visible for 24 hours.

These group stories can also have custom names and Snapchat has made it possible for you to also rename your private story just in case you changed your mind with the name.

With that being said, below is the list of the best female Snapchat private story names ideas.

Best Snapchat Private Story Names For Girls:

Snap episodes

Unfiltered antics

Selfie sass and snafus

Sloth mode: Activated

Life’s a blur

A daily dose of randomness

Proud and dorky

Pranks & pixels

Virtual venting venue

Laughter echo chamber

Tropical treasures

Ice cream dreams

Vitamin sea squad

Seashell adventures


Sandy secrets

Paradise pixels

Flip flop fiestas


Poolside friends

Seas side selfie stories

Playtime and picnic

Summer bliss

Dreamy daze

Coconut coves

Tropicana tales

Breezy bonds

Beach besties

Sunshine soirees

Lemonade laughs

Flamingo fantasyland

Sweet sun-kissed moments

Hammock hangouts

Summer solstice shenanigans

Sunshine ray rendezvous

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Palms and pals paradise

Ethereal epiphanies

Mirthful memoirs

Elegant echoes

Soft-spoken stories

Blooming bonds

Delicate di

Friend gems

Endearing exchanges

Serene energy

Blossoming bonds


Cherished moments

Harmonious hearts

Butterfly bonds

Delicate dialogues

Happiness and harmony

Pop culture

Snapchat anonymous

Filter fails

Adventures in awkwardness

Meme dream team

Lame friend & lame jokers

Procrastination station

The snappy sagas

Silliness un-leashed

Happy shenanigans squad

Emoji overload

Snap, rattle and roll

Socially distanced snaps

Snap static voyage

Just lens me

The snap pack chronicles

Peculiarities and puns

Comedy confessions

Apocalypse survivors

World of widgets

Sarcasm central

Funky friends and filters

The snap side

Caffeine and captions

Bachelors chronicles

Food coma diaries

Quarantine chronicles

Crack head

Mermaid moments


Saltwater sisterhood

Sunshine and smiles

Baddie Private Story Names:

Savage secrets

Flawless fraternity

Fabulous feats

Glamourous gambits

Savage she-scripts

Smoking stories

Beautiful show

Tempting tales

Rogue radiance

Vixens vibes

Red lipstick revelry

Glam gazette

The boss baby brigade

Queen pins

Female panther pursuits

Phenomenon files

Temptation tales

Blazing beauties

Fearless fables

Vogue ventures

Chic and cheeky

Confession of a Vixen

Brazen and bold ballads

Miracle memoir

Fiery flicks

Radiant rebellion

Spell scrolls

Fierce files

Slay stories

Daring damsels

Swagger saga

Buddies chronicle

Killer confidence crew

Royalty roster


Slay nation chronicles

Femme fatale flies

Bold and beautiful

Divas diary


Stiletto stories

Girls Private Story Names For Close Friends On Snapchat:

Hearts hangouts

Enchanted moments

Classy chaos crew

Dazzle & daydreams

Coffee and confidantes

Soul sister snapville

Unfiltered girls adventures

Selfies and secrets

Girl gang chronicles

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Slay squad

Queens of quirkiness

Fearless femmes

Vogue vibes

Giggle and gossip galore

Glamour gurus reunited

Filters and fun

Infinity love and laughs

BFF bonding

Pout and pose

Charmed circlet

Emoji express

Stylish shenanigans

Chick clicks and chats

Sisterhood chronicles

Giggles gazette

Whispers & wonders

BFF bonanza bliss

Radiant reflections

Laughs and lipstick lounge

Blossom and banter brigade

Flawless friendship

Friendship files

Chicks chatterbox

Darling dive diaries

Grins gallery

Starlit stories

Shenanigans and sparkles

Funny Private Story Names For Girls On Snapchat:

All Sugar No Daddy

CEO Of Crying 

50 Shades of Me

Santa’s Naughty List

Backstage babies

Now that you’re here…

I Am Beyonce Always

Umm chile anyways so…

Simp Nation

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Drama free zone

Bad Bleeps Only

Toodles noodles

Can you believe you made it

All you need is love

And a little bit of coffee

Homie Depot

Aloha beaches!

My Last Brain Cell

I Need Attention

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Welcome to my life’s channel

Daily vlogs

Episode X: of my comical life

Trash – Just Like Me

How It All Went Wrong

No One Asked But

Mistakes Were Made

The friend zone

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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