30+ Best Doctor Who Pick Up Lines

Doctor who pick up lines

These are the best Doctor Who Series pick up lines.

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme broadcast by the BBC since 1963.

If you were a fan of the film.

Below are the best Doctor Who pick up lines to flirt with today.

They include, funny, cheesy, clever, smart and smooth Doctor Who pick up lines.

Doctor Who Pick Up Lines:

Babyyyy.. You just gave me a Torchwood!

Because life is short and you are so hot, it will burn faster and hotter.

Although I’m no Rory Williams, I will wait for 2000 years just to see you again.

Hey boy, is that a sonic screwdriver in your pants? Or you are just happy to see me?

Please could I stick my fish fingers in your custard?.

I carried out a scan for alien tech, and it said you were out of this world.

I am so drunk on your love, I am silurian.

When you look at me, I get as hard as stone. Ain’t I a weeping angel?

I have an audition in my room tonight? Wanna try out for Doctor Donna?

How tight is your Pandorica? Can I open it for you?

I’m the master everywhere. Even in the bed.

How do you do this? You make my centurion stand at attention each time you walk past.

Do you want to see my beast below?

Let’s go back to my house and then you can call me The Master.

Let’s go back to my house so we can have a little wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Sorry, did I mention it can also travel in time?

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Hey, got some gallifreyan in you? Want some there?

My penis gets bigger each time I regenerate

Feezes are red. The tardis is blue. Custard is sweet and so are you baby.

I’ll take you to heaven. Get in my Tardis.

Your butt is like an Adipose baby. So cute, baby.

Hey, I hope your head is as good as Captain Jack Harkness?

Hey, sweetheart. Did you know? I have a thing for humans. And for threesomes.

Hi, aren’t you the one who has been saving my life for millennia? I never did learn your name.

I couldn’t forget you even if you were a silence. Not ever.

My Master, you must be a Time Lord. You have the strength of two Zardis.

Hey baby are you a Tardis? When I look into your eyes it’s like I’m flying all over the universe.

Sweetie you an angel? Because I haven’t blinked once since I first saw your face.

Hey sweet, would you fancy a face ride?

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