60+ Best Russia Pick Up Lines

Russian pick up lines

Here are the best Russia pick up lines in English.

They include funny pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines, clever and cute Russian pick up lines to flirt with today.

Russia Pick Up Lines:

I can do with your body what Moscow did with Ukraine.

Have you ever met a handsome young man by the station?

Your mom needs a son-in-law?.. Can I help out?

Your eyes drove me crazy, and if I don’t see you soon, my heart will stop.

Is your mom a thief? She stole the stars from the skies and placed them in your eyes.

Were your pants made By Vladimir Lenin? Because they’re causing a protest in mine.

Want to make a Union together? Let’s ball.

You know, I can’t spell gulag without u.

I want to flip you over, fill you with rum, and drink it all out.

Isn’t a hot dog a sweet sandwich?

Fancy some roulette? I’ve heard it’s a bang over here.

Would you like to meet Trump? I could set you up in my room.

What you think of Putin? How about me Putin my angry horse in your barn, if you understand?

I don’t have the biggest guns, but I have a million tiny soldiers waiting for you.

Your body is polished like this machine gun baby. Let’s rub them together.

My love, my woman, sweetheart, my angel, my sun.

It was love at first touch.

Your eyes are like the moon, I get lost in them.

You make me feel like no other woman could. Please Marry me now.

Let’s make love through the night.

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I want you only.

Do you take the pill? Let’s check if it works.

I have fallen in love with you totally.

I’m heels over head in love- see my confusion.

I have a crush on you.

You have a great figure lady.

Come with me, and I’ll let you share my drink.

Your eyes have a magic that traps.

You smiled so beautifully that I lost my sense of direction.

Hey babes, was it painful? … I mean when you fell from heaven?

Hi dear, it is so amazing that we met now and I’m at peace. Can you give me your number?

If you agreed to be my woman I would give up cussing for the rest of my life.

You know, I feel that we have a cosmic connection.

Can I make love to your lips?

You have amazing legs.

See your eyes like the stars.

I miss my teddybear. Will you come to bed with me?

I think you’re so sweet.

Nice arse girl.

You’re just using me for sex. But I don’t mind.

You are my soulmate, everyday.

Want to come to my place and play bouncy bouncy?

Are you trying to chat me up? Be direct.

Kiss me baby, let me taste you.

Does my ass look big in this darling?

Do you fancy a skinny dip? Just us naked.

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