40+ Best Clever Pick Up Lines

Clever pick up lines

Good conversations with your crush are stated with pick up lines, but not just any of pick up lines, Clever pick up lines.

If you want to get the best clever pick up lines to kick start your conversion, then you landed on the right article.

Below is the list of the best and most clever pick up lines to flirt with today.

Clever Pick Up Lines:

Girl, where’s your licence? Your looks drive me crazy. 

You are so hot that you must live on the equator. 

I hope you aren’t too attached to your last name, because I would sure love to change it to mine. 

If being beautiful is a crime, you’d be up for life imprisonment. 

Girl you’ve been living in my heart without paying rent, but that’s alright. Feel free to stay forever. 

I thought there was an airport somewhere near by. But it was just my heart taking off when I laid eyes on you. 

You smell so nice…is your perfume named, Catch of the day?

A diamond like you has to be taken home and cherished everyday. 

Please, may a thorn sit near a rose? 

You have a  nice smile. Is there anything else those beautiful lips can do? 

I think heaven didn’t want to let you come to earth. They knew you’d make every other woman jealous. 

Hi, I appraise art and your face is absolutely priceless.

You’re really hot… Even the devil would sweat around you. 

Babe, you’re a diamond and I want you to last forever in my heart.

Did the sun suddenly just come up or was that your smile?  

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Be adventurous and just say yes. Let’s discover our future together. 

You’re so sweet I feel a toothache coming on. 

If eternity were measured by beauty, you’d last forever. 

My phone just developed a fault. You can fix it by letting me put your number in it. 

I  just suddenly got intoxicated by how beautiful yout face is. 

I am going to flip a coin. Do you think I have a good chance of getting a head with you? 

Did you miss your way? Miss Universe shouldn’t be out on her own. 

You look so good I’m wondering if there are too many guys I have to wait behind. 

Just have some Vitamin Me and you will feel good in no time. 

Have you got a pencil? I’d like to clean out your past and write a future for just you and I. 

You’re so beautiful that anyone can come over here and offer to buy you a drink. I’d like to take you to dinner then keep you in my life after that. 

Girl you look so good Levi’s ought to be paying you for wearing their jeans. 

What’s the difference between the new iphone and you? This iPhone doesn’t cost more than 800 dollars but your value can’t be quantified. You’re absolutely priceless. 

Babe…you’re like a glass of ice water… And you’re making me pretty thirsty.

Hey, want to go chill and Netflix back at my place? 

Hey beautiful. You have a phone number…Think of all the possible things that could happen after you give it me to. 

Would you like to be in MySpace because I’d like to Twitter  you using my Yahoo till I find you on Facebook.  

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Girl, you are so beautiful only a laser could stun like you. 

I would say you have the most beautiful body but I’m not sure how you would take it. 

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