20+ Best Transformers Pick Up Lines 

Transformers pick up lines

What are the best transformer pick up lines for flirting?.

In this article, you will find the latest, funniest and cheesiest transformers pick up lines to use on your crush today.

Transformer Pick Up Lines:

Hey beautiful?… I’m transformed by your beauty. 

Will you donate your body to me for a science project?

Hey girl, I am rumble. Will you activate my piledriver?

You are bumble beautiful this evening. Will you come over with me to my place?

I would like to transform you and roll you out to my room. 

I wish you were a transformer because you would be hot or bot. 

Call me Quintesson because you are making my head spin. 

It looks like you exhaust because I have been blown away by your beauty. 

Looks like you clean your armour with Windex because I can vividly see my heart in you. 

Come park in the field with me and I won’t scuff the paint job too much. 

I want to die with you because death is no big deal for me as long as you are by my side. We look indistinguishable together. 

If I come for sleep over at your place, I will make you moan for hours because each round will be 3 hours long.

Can I check your tires? Because they look a little soft and would want to squeeze them a little. 

Will you be in vehicle mode for two weeks if I spent in your room tonight?

Will you come over at my place? Because I want to do it three times, with each round more disappointing than the previous.

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You would be Optimus Fine if you were a transformer. 

Will you be my highway? Because I want to drive with you all night long. 

Can I give you a ride home?

I can’t locate my minicon and I’m asking if I can combine with you instead. 

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