25+ Best Skiing Pick Up Lines

Skiing Pick up lines

Love skiing? If you enjoy skiing, then you will definitely enjoy these pick up lines inspired by skiing to flirt with a girl who loves skiing too.

In this article, we have some of the best skiing pick up lines for all the skiing lovers out there.

They include, funny skiing pick up lines, cheesy skiing pick up lines, dirty and new skiing pick up lines.

Skiing Pick Up Lines:

Are you the one making my stomach do quad corks?

I love your eyes for one thing: they are bluer than the bluest sky from this mountain. 

Would you mind if I sweep you off your feet and carry you down the mountain?.

Are you a snowflake? Because I just fell for you. 

I think you should just leave the mountain, because you will get all the snow melted. 

Can I clear snow off your goggles with my tongue?

I bet I am on the wrong chair lift because I never intended to go straight to heaven. I guess that’s where you belong. 

You are sweeter than this pow. 

Can I follow you once you get off the lift?

Can we bribe the controller to stop the lift so that we could be here a little longer?.

I am glad to have met you. I hope it is all downhill from here. 

Would you like it if I went head over heels for you?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Because we can take another spin on this lift if you don’t. 

I must be lucky that I got on this lift because I have just met the love of my life. 

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Can I borrow your skiing clothes? How about your pants too?

I read the snow report yesterday and it read 6 inches, but you can come to my place and get 8 inches. 

If you stick with me you won’t have to ride black diamonds because you will be wearing them. 

What a coincidence that we are both off to ski!

I hope you will still trust me even when I am out of these goggles and this helmet. 

You look like the best ski bum on the mountain. 

This snow and I have one thing in common: 8 inches. 

I am a surveyor. Are you enjoying skiing? Are you free tonight?

This altitude is making me faint. I need mouth to mouth. 

I never expected that angles also use this chair lift until I saw you. 

Are you the one blowing me away or is it just windy?.

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