20 Best Airplane Pick Up Lines

Airplane Pick up lines

Looking for Airplane pick up lines?.

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In this article, we have listed down the best airplanes pick up lines to flirt with at the airport or anywhere relatable.

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Airplane Pick Up Lines:

Baby?. Do you believe I love at first flight?

I am not sure of the gate I am boarding at, but I hope it’s the same as yours. 

If you were an airplane I would have been your final destination. 

Are you ready to board? Me too. 

If I were a TSA agent, would you love to have me carry out a body scan?

Are you ready to take off with me?.

Even though I hate have red eyes, I am willing to fly all night for you. 

Airplane food can be so terrible, so I packed my own food. Want to have some chocolate covered strawberries?

You are as classy as the first flight.

Could I have your contact? I want to write it in my luggage tag in case my bags get lost they can easily find me. 

Could we go straight to my place for some great recovery for jet lag?

I am thinking we can make great travel partners. 

What’s your travel workout plan like? I could help you make some adjustments.

Can I swap my coach to sit next to you?

I can last longer than a jet engine. 

If I were a sticker, I would be in your luggage.

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