40+ Best Robot Pick Up Lines  

Robot Pick up lines

Looking for Robot pick up lines?.

Below is the list of the best and unique Robot pick up lines to use on your crush today.

They include funny pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines, clever and cute pick up lines to flirt with today.

Robot Pick Up Lines:

Having run your code through my CPU all night, you must be very tired.

Did I feel a spark between us or my CPU just malfunctioned?

Since I can see myself in your service pot, there must be a mirror in your adonized Titanium exterior plating

Are you happy to see me or is that a joystick in your hand?.

Babe.. I heard that 2GB is not really your maximum RAM capacity, true or false?

Your chassis is out of this world; it must have been designed to function in Mars.

Those do look real: were you upgraded in silicon valley?

I can see myself in your pants; are they reflective aluminum alloy?

I seem to have lost my IP number. Can I have yours?

Hello. I am calling to ask if I can crash at your place tonight. My name is Vista.

Let me debug you.

Allow me to ambulate by your location again if you don’t believe in love at first optical recognition.

Could you grabJava with me?

I going to rock your world. The least you need to have is an accelerometer.

I am able to love, but just like a sex machine.

Your father must have been a thief. See, he stole some titanium bolts and fixed them in your eyes.

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Even more great robot pick up lines

I’ll allow you to load my hard drive with your floppy disk

To service all your legacy needs, I am backward compatible.

Will you show me your source code, please? I’ll show you mine too.

I’ll describe myself as a cybernetic orgasm that entails living tissue over metal Bellend-oskeleton.

My floppy becomes a hard drive anytime you flash your software.

I love how you react when I touch your PCI slot.

If you get me, let’s lose ourselves in some mindless repetitive actions.

For once, I’ll let you touch my mouse.

I’ll Google your Yahoo if you YouTube MySpace.

Be my engine. I’ll be your fuel injector.

Let me assimilate you please, because my chipset is blue and rusting is red.

Since you are the bomb, I’m going to commence explosive containment procedures.

Want to know what I support? Portrait and landscapes mode, of course.

I’m willing to convert to metric because of you.

You have the wrd ‘fine’ written all over you. Might you have broken one of Asimov’s Three Laws?

Hey darling, I’d like to know your OS.

Make a choice; my docking station or yours?  

I have multitouch capabilities. Would you like a demo?

You don’t have to connect with everyone who sends you a signal just because you have Wi Fi.

Can I plug in in your free port?.

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