35+ Best Lucki Quotes, Lyrics and Captions For Instagram

Lucki quotes and captions

When it comes to Rappers quotes and captions from their music, you know they don’t miss, and Lucki is one of the best Rappers with amazing quotes and captions.

Lucki Camel Jr. (born May 30, 1996), known professionally as Lucki (stylized in all caps), is an American rapper and record producer from Chicago, Illinois.

He came to public attention in 2013 after releasing his debut mixtape, Alternative Trap.

Regarded as an influential figure in underground hip-hop, he is signed to record label Empire.

If you are looking for Lucki captions for your Instagram posts and Lucki quotes then you are in the right article today.

Below is a collection of more than 35 best Lucki quotes and lyrics for captions.

Best Lucki Instagram Captions:

She play with my heart, Then ask me why I sip

Stick to myself cause I’m the only one who got me

I know she ain’t loyal but she make me better.

Still tell everybody I love them but keep ‘em out of reach

She’s my favorite sin!

I really can’t, can’t trust nobody.

In the same boat, our waters just different

You call me yo brother I call you a lesson learned

Cut them off, they was with me at my lowest, but they want to keep me there

I rocked with them last year, it’s funny we changed places

Caught up like the rest, but they look up to me

Nobody got my back,it’s just me and the kn*fe

Best Lucki Lyrics For Captions:

She tell that I’m Satan, she blessed that she had me. – Unlimited

Say you miss me too but a day late, damn. – DNA

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I would tell the truth but when I do, you get to hating me. – Goodfellas

Two months ago, couldn’t stand lil’ me now she wanna be a part of my fantasy. – Randomly

Remember who was all there for me, when I woke up, it was only me.– Gemini Love 

Lovin’ me not that simple. – Gemini Love 

If you gonna hurt me then make it quick. – Outro

I got demons and few I trust. – New York

I got rich off being stubborn. – Meet me there

When it all got real, you ran on me.– Randomly

Never givin’ nobody my all, no more questions to ask. – LA / No Flaws 

Miss her soul, but I’m out of reach.– Where I be

I’m a ken doll in love with a brat.- Made my day

Everybody be upset, talkin’ ’bout my old ways. We just on a different level, and it’s okay. – Go Away!

Really wanna love you but you M.I.A.– Neptune vs industry

How you playin’ strong when your weakness in my hand. – Pop Sta

Could of kept it real with me, it ain’t have to go like that. – Fast Life

Keep sayin’ they proud of me but ion even know em like that. – Fast Life

I ain’t worried about no enemies.– Randomly

Long as you mean it, we good, she came to my hood, and now she apart of me. – Coincidence

I was just too insecure, made me forget that I’m great. – 2 Of You (Hearts)

Baby, this the life I have chosen. – Do You Want

I never needed any hand, hold my own. – Nod off

Don’t want them to notice me, It’s tinted my soul at peace. – Fast Life

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Can’t turn to a villain, ’cause I’m thе one showin’ the love. – New York 

She hurt my feelings and it made us rich- Super Urus

Money callin’, don’t make me late. – 2 Of You (Hearts)

Give you my trust, it’s the lottery.– Coincidence

I miss that genuine love you showed me. – Almost back

You finessed him out of my heart.– Last Time Mentioning (Good Riddance)

Best Lucki Quotes:

‘Cause it get cold in the summer when you just alone. – Lucki

Too much feelings in my phone, I just let it ring. – Lucki

I never regret nothing because everything makes me as strong as I am now. – Lucki

Music is natural for me. – Lucki

I don’t like being extra, especially on social media. – Lucki

I had to be relatable and really put my life out there. – Lucki

I can’t change the world, but I can change your perception. – Lucki

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