40+ Best DDG Quotes, Lyrics and Captions For Instagram

DDG quotes, captions and lyrics

In the new generation of young rappers, DDG is with no doubt one of the most inspiring and talented rapper of this times.

Born Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., (also known as PontiacMadeDDG or simply DDG) is an American rapper, singer, and YouTuber.

PontiacMadeDDG popularly known as DDG has released quite a lot of mega hit songs since his very first EP, Take Me Serious in 2018.

Below are the best, most inspiring, Savage and touching DDG quotes from his music that you can use as captions on your pictures.

Best DDG Lyrics Quotes & Captions:

It’s a marathon, you last longer on the way you pace it – Arguments

I did made it from the bottom, I got M’s in the bank – WHAT NOW

They know I got racks in the back of the Bach – I Need Security

Career shooting like a rocket – New Money

Circle as small as a period – I Need Security

Gotta outwork the competition – If I Go Broke

Way too sauced up, dripping like pasta – PUSH

Plugged in like a socket – New Money

I state straight facts – Lusted

Humble and I’m mellow, but still know I’m the best, though – Too Much to Lose

Gotta stay focused, don’t let temptations get back in the way of happiness Bae – Impatient

I need all the profits – CLOUT CHASIN

I can’t seem to get you off my mind – Way You Talk

I be thinkin bout you all the time – Way You Talk

N*ggas be talkin’, but ain’t ’bout that action – New Money

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If a n*gga try me, I’ma put him on a shirt – Hood Melody

We all know you not tough, stop actin’ – NOT CAPPIN

If it ain’t about money, my n*gga, don’t hit me – No Kizzy

Used to be behind but I got money then I scooted up – Midwest Flow

Can’t wait on nobody, I realized this sh*t was up to me – If I Go Broke

I’m not with the drama, got too many commas – Hakuna Matata

Money the mission, I ball like a Piston – Whiskey Freestyle

I’m all about my bank, can you offer me a comma? – Bank

I swear to God you a blessin’ – Way You Talk

I can’t fall in love ’cause I’m not cupid – WOOZY

DDG Lyrics Captions on Love and Relationship:

I don’t fall in love no more, ’cause all these b*tches basic – No Kizzy

When I’m not around you I feel empty – Let em Go

Sadness, I ain’t eat in days like I’m fastin’ – Arguments

You said that you loved me, that sh:t was a lie – HOLD UP

A rip in our bond but we already sewing – Hold Up

We were doing straight and now we’re slanted – Arguments

She left me ‘lone but I miss that b*tch – Moonwalking in Calabasas (Remix)

These hos be using me and this sht really my frustration – ALMOST

I’m forever for the streets like a pothole – Rucci

I tried to give you the world, you couldn’t smell the flowers – LET YOU IN

I cannot lose you, it’s just not worth it – Arguments

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Nevеr sweat a ho, I do not care if we in f**kin’ heat – Midwest Flow

I should have a b:tch by my side that’s gon treat me right – Treat Me Right

I wanna be with you ’til my casket – Arguments

You ain’t gotta chase girl, ’cause you know you the prize – Impatient

Turning nothing into something, f*ck up out my face – WHY/ARGUMENTS PT. 2

When we be fightin’ I feel so low – Arguments

You said that you loved me, that sh*t was a lie – Hold Up

I just feel so over you – LET YOU IN

Baby I gave you your love, I need a break – WHY/ARGUMENTS PT. 2

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