40+ Best End Of The Weekend Quotes and Captions For Instagram

End of weekend captions and quotes

When it’s the end of the weekend and you wanna post a new picture on Instagram about it, we got you covered.

There’s a lot of mixed reactions when the weekend finally cames to an end, and that’s why these amazing and relatable captions exist.

Here are more than 40 greatest end of weekend captions for Instagram and quotes to share on your social media platforms when it’s time to say good bye to the weekend.

With that being said, find the best captions, sayings, messages and quotes about the end of the weekend below.

Best End Of Weekend Quotes:

Simply put, there aren’t enough days in the weekend.

The end of the week is the end of another weekend.

A thought of Monday makes you feel like you need an extension of the weekend. In fact, there should be an extra day for the weekend.

Soaking up the last few hours of the weekend like

Time to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend…

I am not yet done with you, and yet you seem to be coming to an end. I need an extension of the weekend!

There is so much fun over the weekend. Two days aren’t enough for the weekend.

Weekend, can you please add me one more day, the fun isn’t over. I am not yet ready to go back to work.

Refreshed and ready to take on a new week.

It’s sometimes confusing to see how fast the weekend passes by.

Trying to beat those end-of-weekend blues.

The weekend is over. Back to work!!

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Sad to see the weekend come to an end, but excited for a new week ahead!

Sunday evenings often feel like the weekend is over before it’s even begun. – Catherine McCormack

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend because it has finally come to an end. Happy end of the weekend!

The weekend is a way of clearing your mind and making it fresh for the new week. If you haven’t done so, it’s already over.

Best End Of Weekend Captions:

I really need a day between Sunday and Monday.

Can we start the weekend over again? I wasn’t ready

Can we restart the weekend?

Goodbye weekend. We had something special.

Can’t believe the weekend is already over! Time to get back to work and hustle hard!

This is the end of the weekend. Happy end of the weekend everyone.

Before you realize it, the weekend is already over and the new week is already opening the door. Happy End of Weekend everyone.

Enjoy the weekend by creating your own weekend between days. This one was too short. Happy end of weekend!

The weekend is a time to forget about the responsibilities of your workdays and engage yourself in other fun activities with your friends and loved ones. Before you realize it, the weekend has already come to an end.

Color your weekend, make it end in style, and wish you had more time. Happy end of weekend!

The greatest disease is the weekend coming to an end.

Weekend, please come back, I need you more than you can ever imagine.

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The only thing that travels faster than light is weekends.

The Weekends are too short to sleep. – Bryant A. Loney

Dear weekend, we should hang out more.

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