25+ Best Police Officer Pick Up Lines

Police pick up lines

Best cop pick up lines to flirt with today are all listed in the collection of unique, funny, cheesy and clever police pick up lines below.

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Policeman and Policewoman Pick Up Lines:

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?.

Let’s go to my place for some under-cover work.

Ma’am we’ve had some complaints that you’re being too sexy. I’m gonna have to arrest you.

My cuffs or your cuffs tonight?.

Nice uniform, it would look great at the foot of my bed.

Not here to bust you. But we are here for your bust.

Step out of the vehicle. Walk a straight line into my life.

Stick with me and those lights won’t be the only thing flashing.

That’s a mighty big “flash light” you have there officer.

Want to plant something on me?.

Want to play good cop bad cop?.

What are you doing with your night stick later?.

Bulletproof vest? Nah. It’s all muscle.

Did I tell you that I live next door to Dunkin Donuts?.

Do you know how fast you were going when you fell from heaven?.

Ever seen a baton this big?.

How about you cock my gun?.

I always turn on my siren when I spot a siren.

I have a great idea for those handcuffs.

I’m a police officer!

I’m ready to enforce the law of attraction.

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I’m writing you a ticket. “Fine” is written all over you.

I’d love you to frisk me.

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