How To Make Money On Instagram in Kenya

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With Instagram having over 1 billion users and millions of active users every single week. There’s definitely a chance of getting some dollars from the App.

In the following post I’ve listed down the 5 proven ways on how you can turn your Instagram posts into cash.

Making money from Instagram can seem like a lot of work or as people would say. Only famous people with a large number of followers can make money of their Instagram posts. I’m here to prove that wrong. Here is How To Make Money On Instagram in Kenya.

Please Note: Non of the websites mentioned on this post are sponsored. Everything is researched by us to only provided you with legitimate, useful information.

How to make money on Instagram in Kenya:

1: Sell Your Instagram Photos

Yes. You can sell your Instagram photos and make money. If you take beautiful eye catching pictures be sure to make some bucks from them. Here are sites that you can sell your photos and turn them into cash

Foap – on this site you will be able to make $5 (Ksh. 500) for every picture that is downloaded

Twenty20 – You will make $2 (Ksh. 200) every time your photos are used

Snapwire – Here you will make an average of $50 (Ksh. 5,000) per every chosen photo. The more awesome pictures you take the more money you make

2: Paid Posts For Promotions

If you are unfamiliar with paid posts. This simply means that you will be paid by brands and websites to post about them on your Instagram account.

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This works as a sponsored post where you will post a photo and talk about the sponsoring brand, convince your followers to check out or buy their products, and how their brand works and give out discounts if any and also tag them in the post and use their hashtags. In this way you will be promoting the brand to your followers and getting paid to do so.

In this type of marketing though. You will require a certain amount of followers because that will determine your pay check, the more engaging your followers are the more money flows on your side.

Average amount of money you can make from your followers (engaging) is as follows.

100 – 20k followers = $70 (Ksh. 7,000) – $300 (Ksh. 30,000)

20k – 100k followers = $300 – (Ksh. 30,000) – $500 (Ksh. 50,000)

100k – 300k followers = $500 (Ksh. 50,000) – $900 (Ksh. 90,000)

This is just an estimation chart. Rates may vary differently depending on Countries, brands and other factors

3: Affiliate Marketing

Now this is where it gets better. The amount of money you can make from affiliate marketing is limitless. It all depends on how good you are at what you do.

The sky is the limit here, you can decide to give other small upcoming Instagramers shout outs and they pay you for the number of followers they increase or pay you per the number of shout outs you give on your Instagram posts, or you can go even beyond that and promote links that leads your followers to a website or a YouTube video and make money.

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This websites can help you find affiliate products and Instagram accounts to promote in exchange for money.







4: Sell Your Own Products

Let’s think out of the box for a second, you have loyal followers on Instagram who enjoy what you post, don’t you think it’s time to make money from them now. But this time you are not going to get paid by others people, you are going to pay yourself, if that makes sense at all.

So how are you going to do this?

By selling your own products to your followers it means you create them and sell them on profit, this products could be literally anything, from t-shirts, hoodies, hats, music, books, digital podcasts, signed pictures and much more. You can also ask your followers what they would like to get from you and sell it to them

All you need to do is provide the product and lead your followers to your website where they’ll be able to buy them from your online store.

5: Drive Traffic To YouTube

Last but not least, YouTube. If you make YouTube videos, then make money from YouTube and Instagram by driving the traffic you have on Instagram to your YouTube channel.

You can do this by posting teasers of the YouTube video you are about to post. Make people anticipate for it so that when you drop it, it takes over the charts.

Create an hashtag only you uses to keep your followers on track, do some collaboration with other Instagram Influencers especially those with a higher amount of followers than you and creating something interesting together. This will make a huge difference in no time

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Making money from Instagram can be a great way to earn extra cash from just posting awesome pictures. But you have to know that nothing good comes easy, so choose some of the above ways that you think suits you and always give it your best. You will not regret it. That is How To Make Money On Instagram in Kenya

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