Top 25 Most Beautiful Female Journalists In Kenya 2022

Beautiful TV presenters in Kenya

Female TV presenters in Kenya are very attractive and that is one of the main reasons why Kenyans are stuck on their TV screens for a along time.

But who are the most attractive female TV presenters, news anchors and journalists in Kenya today?.

Here is the list of Kenya’s most beautiful journalists who you should get to know of today just incase you only watch one TV station in the country.

Kenyan national televisions have always tried their very best to keep the hottest female presenters on TV so as to increase their viewership in Kenya and international streaming as well.

But these are not only good looking Kenyan women journalists, they have beauty with brains.

Below is the list of the most beautiful TV presenters in Kenya who are giving some of the men in Kenya sleepless nights.

With no particular order, here are Kenya’s most beautiful female journalists on TV today.

Most Beautiful Female TV Presenters In Kenya:

  1. Victoria Rubadiri
  2. Mashirima Kapombe
  3. Yvonne Okwara Matole
  4. Jane Ngoiri
  5. Lulu Hassan
  6. Smriti Vidyarthi
  7. Joyce Omondi
  8. Amina Abdi Rabar
  9. Gladys Gachanja
  10. Jamila Mohamed
  11. Zubeidah Kananu Koome
  12. Jane Ngoiri
  13. Tamima
  14. Talia Oyando
  15. Nana Owiti
  16. Betty Kyallo
  17. Kamene Goro
  18. Joy Doreen Biira
  19. Maya Hayakawa
  20. Karen Karimi
  21. Maalika Kazia
  22. Shiksha Arora 
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