Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya [2024 Update]

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya 2021

This year the job you decide to take as your career should be a job that promises to pay you well, and by paying you well, I mean that you should be able to make not less than at least KSH. 100,000 every month plus a few bonuses if possible depending on your line of work.

To make it easy for you to chose and to give you a head start, here are the 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya, listed so you can make up your mind on what career you are going to pursue moving forward, we have researched and come up with The highest paying job careers in Kenya this year, today.

Here are jobs in Kenya that you are guaranteed to make over KSH. 100,000 each and every month, so you can smile to the bank when you receive your paycheck every end month.

Best Paying Jobs In Kenya:

1: Medical Doctor

Whether you are to work at The Mater Hospital, Aga Khan or even Karen Hospital, you are pretty sure that your starting salary will not be lower than KSH. 120,000 to KSH. 190,000.

Medical professionals who have been in the industry for a long time, let’s say 4 and above years of experience will make almost KSH. 300,000 every month. Depending on the hospital one works for, the salary might be higher than that.

To become a medical profession, you need to pursue a Degree in Medicine which will take you at least six years to complete in kenyan system. After which you will be able to apply for a job and start making your money.

2: Architecture

Number two in this list of 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya, will be architecture. A lot of kenyan based and kenyan (local) companies are always in the hunt for fresh and talented architectures who will bring new and unique ideas to the table, and that could be you.

Landing a job at a kenyan company will allow you to earn nothing less than KSH. 100,00 monthly. For a job well done, the company might decide to make you their permanent worker, or better yet, offer you bonuses.

But if you decide to run your own architectural business, you are guaranteed to be making millions of money if you run your own firm, I’m talking an average of KSH. 50 million and above in a single contract to design a building.

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An average architecture can pocket around KSH. 200,000 to KSH. 400,000 depending on the company and the number of projects one has.

3: Pharmacists

The demand of pharmacists in Kenya has grown rapidly this year. Kenya is in need of drugs and those drugs are not going to fall from heaven, and that’s where pharmacy comes in.

Working as a pharmacist at a company like KEMSA or GSK will be a great opportunity for you to make not less than KSH. 250,000 each and every month. With a Degree or a diploma in pharmacy, you can easily start a successful chemist in your local area or in the CBD. You are more likely to make way more money if you own your own business such a chemist.

4: NGO

It is no secret that NGO jobs pay way better than government institutions. You can make a half a million just by working at a NGO firm.

An NGO job pays nothing less than KSH. 100,000 for workers who have at least a Degree in that field. NGOs like United Nations can make you a millionaire in Kenya after working for them for a couple of years.

5: Accountant

Becoming an accountant at a huge company such as Safaricom will ensure you pocket KSH. 180,000 and above depending on the company’s requirements and certain factors. Generally an accountant can make over KSH. 120,000 monthly depending on the company they are working for.

So it is possible for accountants to make way more money than the amounts mentioned above, it all depends on the company you are hired by.

6: Pilot

You will be surprised by how much kenyan pilots are making every month by flying a plane. As a matter of fact, an experienced pilot in Kenya makes over KSH. 2 Million not yearly but every single month of the year.

Working as a pilot at Kenya Airways, you should be making roughly a half a million monthly. This course can take you around 4 years to complete in Kenya and start flying kenyans abroad and back.

7: Kenyan Politics

Politics in Kenya is on another level, kenyan politicians are making a ton of money every month. A politician in Kenya who is elected by the people is guaranteed guaranteed to become a millionaire in a couple of years to come, despite their background status before they were elected in.

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Governers in Kenya make KSH. 1.5 million monthly, this is not mentioning the other many ways they can still make money as leaders in the country.

If that doesn’t surprise you, did you know an MCA, a local one, is making over a KSH. 850,000 every month. It is so hard to become poor if you are a kenyan politician. You will retire a millionaire if not a billionaire after working as a kenyan politician.

You can try becoming an MCA, MP, Senator or a Governor, you just need the votes and a couple of requirements to be voted in as one. After you are in the government is when you can consider going upper, the sky is the limit.

8: Software Engineering

Generally, as a software engineer in Kenya you can make KSH. 500,000. It is pretty hard for you to be jobless in Kenya with a Degree in Software Engineering.

Software engineering skills are in high demand in Kenya with companies such as our very own Safaricom, Google ke, IBM, MultiChoice and Facebook to the mention but a few.

If you are lucky enough to secure a job at one of these multimillion companies, you will never be poor in your life. With the money you get paid you can start your own businesses and invest to ensure you and your family are financially secure.

9: Mass Communication

Mass communication in Kenya is a huge deal, by becoming a journalist in kenya you can really be sure to be pocketing good money every month depending on the company you will be working for.

If you secure a job as a journalist in a big kenyan company like the Royal Media Service – which owns and runs Citizen TV, your salary will be something you will be proud of.

Journalists can make KSH. 100,000 as mentioned earlier, depending on the company you decide to work for, this amount can be higher in different companies or grow in time as you work more years for the company.

With passion for your career as a journalist in kenya, you can decide to start your own business or set up a YouTube channel and showcase your talent, if you are not comfortable working for other people. Again, the sky is the limit.

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10: Influencer

A few years ago in kenya this was not a thing. But in today people are making money by living their lives. Whether you decide to focus on being a social media Influencer or brand influencer which is actually literally the same thing, there’s no way you will go broke, I mean it’s not easy to lack money as an influencer these days.

As more and more Kenyans are discovering the online world, businesses too are doing as much as they can to invest for their brands to be successful online.

People might not consider this a job, but with no jokes it is, remember. If you can make millions a year, how is that not a job?.

Many kenyan Influencers are making thousands of money probably weekly from influencing people to certain brands and offers. If you have a huge following on your social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, you can make money as an influencer in Kenya in 2021. With millions of followers or if you are a celebrity of some kind, maybe Tiktok famous or Instagram famous, you can easily make around KSH. 200,000 per month.

There are tons of brands out there that are willing to pay you around KSH. 30,000 just to post a picture on your social networks, and linking to them. Sponsored posts you normally see posted by your favorite kenyan celebrities or influencers have earned them tons of money. Some kenyan influencers charge brands KSH. 100,000 per sponsored post, it all depends on your influence and marketing skills.

These are by far the best and 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya today. Kenya is a developing nation and at the rate at which we are growing as a country is relatively fast, which means opportunities in Kenya are there you just need to figure out how to tackle them. There you have it 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya.

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