Top Lowest Paying Jobs In Kenya And Their Salaries (2023 Update)

Poorly paid worker

Kenya has a high number of unemployed people in the country especially after the pandemic hit early 2020. But sadly even some of those who are lucky enough to be employed are not paid much every month.

In this article, we have listed top 6 poorly paying jobs in Kenya right now.

These are the lowest paying jobs in Kenya both in the private and the public sector too. People who work on these 6 jobs are relatively paid the lowest salaries out of all the jobs in Kenya.

It is important to have a job, a job will make you a good Father, a good mother, a good brother/sister, a good husband or wife to not only yourself, but your family too, because you will be able to provide and take good care of your family.

Which means that you should definitely be paid well enough to be able to care for yourself and others around you who genuinely need your financial support. But what happens when you are not paid well in your job?.

With that being said, below is a list of 6 workers in Kenya that are paid the lowest amount of salary each month. List of 6 poorly paying jobs.

Let’s look at the lowest paying jobs in Kenya in terms of their wages.

Below is a list of the lowest paying jobs in Kenya.

With no particular order of the jobs, here are the lowest paying jobs in Kenya today.

Lowest Paying Jobs In Kenya:Teacher Job

Did you know that an average teenager spends 68% more time with their teachers than their actual parents or guardians?.

This includes meeting in classes, time spent in school the whole year and tuition.

This clearly shows you how much important a teacher is to almost any person growing up.

Another factor about a teaching job is that in Kenya, teaching job is among the top 5 most populated jobs in the country. If not the most populated job.

Most teachers in Kenya are employed by the government, thus make them civil servants, which indicates that they should be earning a decent amount of money from the government every single month.

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But unfortunately, that’s not the case, teachers are among the poorly paid workers in the country today.

Teachers teach students to become incredible people in their communities, they become professionals, doctors, pilots, presidents, inventors, lawyers, the list is endless. But what are they paid for the work they have done?. Peanuts.

Teacher Average Salary: Ksh.20,000 to Ksh.35,000.

  1. Customer Care Job
Customer Care Service

A customer care plays a very critical role in the business industry, a company is likely to be successful if the customer service is out of this world.

But the dark side of a customer care job is the amount of salary that they are paid.

Customer care and receptionist is literally the same kind of job, these are the very first people customers are likely to meet the first time when calling/walking in an organization.

But this kind of job is one of the lowest paying jobs in Kenya today, the workers are paid are low amount of money every month.

Customer Care Average Salary: Ksh 10,000 to Ksh.17,000.

  1. Security Guard/Watchman Job

A watchman or a guard is basically responsible for protecting a company, home or property.

Which means this job should be a well paying job because the job includes taking care and protecting valuable assets that may be worth millions if not billions of shillings.

This job is among the lowest paying jobs in Kenya today, the salary of a watchman is very low compared to the properties they are protecting.

The only way a watchman or a guard is able to increase their monthly salary rate by a little percentage is by joining a security guard company in Kenya.

But in general, this job has a low paying rate. Most guards in Kenya are paid poorly.

Security Guard/Watchman Average Salary: Ksh.7,000 to 13,000.

( a good company may increase the salary by 15% depending on your years of service in the company).

  1. Merchandiser Jobs
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Have you ever meet people if not one person walking around in the streets, in your town or in your neighborhood trying to sell you a product. Some of them may even knock on your door.

They usually wear branded clothes of the products they are trying to promote and sell.

What they are doing is a job and it is called, Merchandise job. The worker is referred to as a merchandiser.

The job of a merchandiser is to sell as many products as humanly possible so as to be able to earn a commission of the sold products.

This means that the more products you are able to sell for a company, the more commission you will make, but if you couldn’t sell any product that month, that’s not even something to talk about.

This job requires the worker to walk for long distances to look for potential customers and hopefully make some successful sales.

Unless the company is kind enough to provide the workers with a company car to move around, you can imagine how tough it is to work as a merchandiser.

Some merchandisers are forced to use the little money they have to pay for transport on their way back home.

Merchandiser Average Salary: 3% to 7% of the promoted product.

(may vary depending on the company and qualifications).

  1. Supermarket Cashier Job

A supermarket cashier handles thousands of money every single day, but the amount they take home monthly is not something to brag about.

This kind of job may seem like a high paying job because of the amount of money passed through a cashier daily. But that is not the case.

In Kenya, not even the biggest supermarket pay their cashiers that well.

In general, working in a supermarket is not a high paying job, whether you are a supermarket merchant or a general employee. Unless one is a manager or something, this jobs are one of the lowest paying jobs in Kenya.

Supermarket Cashier Average Salary: Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000.

  1. Police Officer Job
Kenya Police
Kenya Police Parade

Afande! Do you know why most of Kenya Police officers in Kenya fall in the trap of taking bribes (Hongo)?. It’s purely because of their monthly salary.

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They have families to take care of, but what are you supposed to do when your monthly salary is not even close to enough?.

The poorly paid police officers include the;

Prison Officers


Kenya Police

Kenya Wildlife Service Officer (KWS)

And the list is quite long, these Civil Servants who protect our land of Kenya are sadly among the lowest paid workers in Kenya today.

A police job is a poorly paying job in the country compared to the amount of work and risk that goes into it.

Police Officer Average Salary: Ksh.22,000 to Ksh.30,000.
(depending on ranks, it varies).

  1. Waiter Jobs

Unless a Waiter is working on a five star hotel in Kenya, a Waiter is likely to take home a very low salary every month.

The surprising thing about a Waiters job is that it is one of the most populated jobs in the country.

Being a Waiter sometimes means working (overtime) long hours and this may means extra hours of work of which sometimes you are not compensated for, depending on the hotel one works for.

With the number of 5 star hotels being limited in Kenya, not mentioning how difficult it is to land a job in a big hotel. This means the highest number of Waiters work in average hotels in Kenya.

And these kind of hotels don’t pay that well.

The only good thing about this job is that it all depends on the hotel you are lucky enough to get employed to, the lower the stars the lower the salary.

(tips may increase a waiter’s general income but remember NOT all hotels allow their employees to receive tips from customers)

Waiters Avarage Salary: Ksh.7,000 to 15,000.

Among all the jobs in our country Kenya, in terms of wages, these (the above list) are topping the list as the most poorly paying jobs this year.

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