7 Best Work From Home Jobs in Kenya 2023

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7 Best Work From Home Jobs in Kenya

It’s sadly a fact that a lot of people working very hard for their paycheck don’t even like the job they have.

Apparently most of the people working a 9 to 5 job are thinking of quitting, don’t like their job, are not following their passion and so on and so forth.

But don’t worry if you are one of them. You might just drop your job a few weeks after reading and implementing this 7 Work-From-Home ideas.

I research and came up with the list of the top ten Work-From-Home jobs that will make you have a bigger paycheck at the end of the month. Or sometimes even twice a month.

You don’t need to get out of the house anymore for work. Be flexible and work at your own pace and be literally your own boss.

Follow these ideas and implement the one that suits you. Thank me later.

Here’s the list of the 7 Best Work From Home Jobs in Kenya.

1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing just hard to come first on the list. If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing. This basically means you get to promote other people’s products online and when they are bought you receive a commission on the sales.

Amazon (and Jumia for Kenyans) offers affiliate marketing in it’s website.

This is actually one of the biggest companies affiliate marketers use to make money.

How does it work?

As an affiliate marketer, let’s assume you have signed up as an Amazon affiliate marketer, you will need to find a product that you want to promote, for example a book, a TV, a phone, an outfit, literally any product that you are sure your audience will relate to.

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Now after finding your ideal product, you will be given a link that will be displayed on your website, Instagram or Facebook page, when people click on it and buy the product using your link, you immediately get your shares. That simple.

2: Blogging

It’s 2020, which means everything is online, literally everything that you need is easily accessible on the internet.

Thanks to bloggers. They create content that you are looking for, they help you solve problems, fix issues, give you skills and most importantly educate you.

Google can’t do all this by itself just incase you thought Google has every answer to every question. It’s with the help of bloggers. So you might be asking yourself what is blogging.

Blogging is writing content on the internet on your website for readers to read and solve their problems. If you know some good ideas on how to reserve water.

Write it on your website, social media pages and share. Trust me the world needs that information. You will make thousands of dollars when you place Adds on your website, this will not be an overnight thing.

But when your audience increases your paycheck increases drastically. Even more depending on the type of blog you do on your site. Blogging is easy to start, furthermore you don’t need to buy your own domain to start a blog, you can get a free domain from Google. Blogspot.

They give you access to a free domain, best for beginners, here you will write and post blogs for your readers to read.

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Then later when you have the finances and experience you might want to consider buying your very own domain.

3: Animating

Become an animator. If you have a computer access to the internet and creativity you can easily make around $20 to $100 an hour from sites such as Upwork.

You will be paid to create creative animations, visual effects content for movies, television and video games naming but a few. With this skills you can work at home as a freelancer for animations.

4: Cooking/Chef

Do you love cooking, do have a passion in food production. You are a lucky person. Why. Because a few people love cooking, but everybody loves eating, EVERYBODY DOES.

Now it’s time to turn your passion into a money stream. You can become a personal Chef.

You will make a lot of money through this, i personally know people who are personal Chefs and that’s all they do for a living. You can also bake cakes and sell them.

The catering business will always boom because eating is a primary need. You can sell your sweet and delicious food online, on a local market or even your friends and neighbors.

You can come up with your own recipes and sell them at your own set price.

5: Bookkeeping

I can tell you for a fact, you don’t need a degree or school papers to become a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers can earn a an average of $30,000.

You literally don’t need a CPA to start bookkeeping. But if you’ve got one, that’s a plus.

Find a local college and sign up for the job. You can also look at the available jobs online.

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6: Child Care Services

If you stay at home for hours, you can use some few hours of your day to provide a childcare service for some money.

Getting a child to take care of is actually considered a relevant business by the government.

That’s why you need a license to operate. Just get your self a childcare business license, this will make your customers truly trust you with their kids.

Start making money from home with this no-skill and degree needed business.

7: Consulting

Consulting can make you money too. Believe it or not, you will be able to earn even more than you expect if you happen to get a good deal like consulting with business, cooperates and other big fish in the industry.

You will make thousands of dollars, not mentioning that you are your own boss and working at the comfort of your own home.

You can consult your people who are young in the business you have experience in. Any experience you share and tips you give will make a difference in their career. It’s a win win kind of business.


Do more research on what you have chosen to do and become a pro in it. It will pay off big time. Do have any other Work-From-Home business I ideas you think we left out. Please leave a comment below.

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