How To Unsubscribe From Telkom Auto Renewal Data & SMS

Telkom Kenya

Here is how can be able to UnSubscribe from Data bundles or SMS that are consuming your airtime without your consent.

Telkom Kenya is one of the best data bundle service provider in Kenya because of the amazing data packages they offer to their clients.

If you want to UnSubscribe from the daily, weekly, monthly Telkom data bundles that might be consuming your airtime.

In this article, we have provided how you can stop Telkom Data Bundles from consuming your airtime.

We have also provided a way of stopping your airtime from being used when you run out of Telkom Airtime.

Below is how to opt out from Telkom services that use your airtime without your consent.

If you want to unsubscribe from Telkom Auto Renewal Data and SMS.

Follow the easy steps below to stop the auto renewal services on your Telkom line today.

How To Stop Telkom Auto Renewal Data Bundles:

Here is how to completely Unsubscribe from Telkom Kenya Auto Renewal Services

  • Go ahead and dial *544# on your Telkom line
  • Select the DATA Bundles option
  • Select the package and Unsubscribe from the service

You can always subscribe back again whenever you want to.

That’s how you Unsubscribe from Data Auto Renewal Subscription.

Here is how to make sure your airtime will not be consumed if you don’t have any Data Bundles left on your Telkom Line.

How To Stop Telkom From Using Your Airtime as Data:

Telkom Data Manager;

To use the Telkom Data Manager to stop your airtime from being consumed for browsing when your data runs out, simply;

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  • Dial *544# on your Telkom Line
  • Select My Data Manager
  • Select Activate data manager

That’s it, you have successfully stopped all your airtime now and in the future from being used as your data.

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