How to check your NHIF and NSSF contributions and status (Via SMS)

Via SMS (text)

Here is how you can check your NHIF and NSSF contributions and your current account status.

If you have never checked your NHIF account contributions ever since you were employed, it is high time you do just that.

And this post will show you exactly how you can check your NHIF contributions and NSSF contributions through your mobile phone.

Please note that you can also check your NSSF and NHIF contributions and account status through email and through the official websites.

But if you are looking for an easy way of checking your NHIF and NSSF contributions and status, here is how to do it.

Guide on how to check your status via text messages.

How to check NHIF status via SMS:

  • Open a new text message
  • Now type ‘ID’ then space followed by your ID number/Passport number. (For example, ID 12345000)
  • Send the text message to: 21101

That’s it!

You should receive a message with all your NHIF account status.

You will be charged KSh. 10/ for the SMS sent. 

Now let’s see how you can as well check your NSSF account status.

How to check NSSF status via SMS:

It’s easy to check your NSSF account status, all you have to do is

  • Send the word “NSSF” to 6773 and follow the instructions.
  • Type in NSSF, The NSSF No, Your Date of Birth, Full Names and send the text message to: 6773.

It’s important to Remember to leave space (in between) after typing each detail.

You will be sent a PIN through text (SMS) after a successful validation of your NSSF account.

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Type ‘Bal’, your new PIN (the one received) and send it to: 6773

View your NSSF account status

That’s how you can easily check your account balance and contributions on NHIF and NSSF

There you have it – How to check your NHIF and NSSF contributions and status (Via SMS)

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