10 Hardest Courses To Study In Kenya But High In Demand Today 2024

10 Hardest Courses To Study In Kenya But High In Demand

What courses in Kenya are considered the HARDEST courses to pursue as a career in Kenya? but are still the most demanding courses in Kenya. Considering job opportunities.

To answer this question, we have researched the top 10 Hardest Courses To Study In Kenya But High In Demand Today country wide and even internationally in-demand.

There’s hundreds of courses out there you can probably pursue and be done in a couple of years if not months. But what about courses that take so long to finish, you literally feel like you were born to stay in school coz of all the years you’ve been there and counting.

People come to school, join, learn and pursue their courses, finish, graduate and leave while you are still there. But courses with this kind of character have the highest demanding gap in the jobs eye’s.

This 10 courses are considered the hardest to study in Kenya. Which means they are not as tough as it may seem, they are just considered to be the hardest courses in Kenya compared to the other courses offered at our university campuses and colleges. But are not necessarily impossible to pursue.

Here are the top ten hardest courses to study in Kenya but are actually in high demand right now. It is nearly impossible to lack a job if you have a higher certificate in other words graduated in any of these 10 courses.

Here is the top 10 list of the hardest courses to study in Kenya..

1: Pharmacy

To start with, it will take you not less than 6 years in school to be able to complete your education and become a pharmacist. This can go up to 8 years, considering the fact that you should never even think of missing a class for any rare reason. Because not attending your lectures will be the last thing you want to do when pursuing pharmacy. Every class is as important as the last one.

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Aside from that, this course has a very high demand in Kenya because not every student in school is willing to pursue it.

2: Architecture

The mind blowing buildings you see in Nairobi were not designed by people who slept in class. These are students who have put their mind and focus on their architectural skills to study and become the best. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

To become an architect in Kenya you need to focus on your studies and work hard at the same time, it’s nothing easy to do the two things together, that’s why its tough to pursue architecture.

But remember once you become one, you will be turning down jobs yourself. Everything pays off at the end of day.

3: Economics And Statistics

Number three on this list will be economics and statistics.

It includes a lot of theoritical stuff not mentioning the years you are supposed to spend in university/college so as to graduate. One thing to consider though if you want to take economics and statistics as your career course, is that the demand of it will never go low. That’s a fact.

4: Actuarial Science

This is definitely not an easy course to pursue in kenyan system. Students who pursue this course are meant to deal with real problems in the business industry and come up with legit and creative solutions. If you do not like books, this is not a course for you.

Focus and determination is also highly required to pursue such a course.

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5: Medicine

To study medicine or surgery in Kenya, you should be ready to kind of let go of your social life for a while. This is a tough course that needs all your attention to pursue it successfully.

Further more, it is going to take you over 6 years of pure hard work to graduate on this course.

6: Accounting

Are you good in mathematics? If yes then this might be the course for you. But if you are not good with marths. And remember, not the basics mathematics but the real thing. You should definitely stay away from a course like this one.

7: Computer Science

Computer science is not an attend classes when you feel like course, this one needs all your hard work and only then can you graduate successfully as a happy and professional person in your industry.

8: Dental Surgery

This might seem like a basic course but only those pursuing it are able to understand why it considered one of the hardest courses to study in Kenya

It is also in quite high demand, finding a job with this profession is more easier compared to other courses available.

9: Aeronautical Engineering

This course is one of the hardest (toughest) courses to study in Kenya, do not be fooled by its position in this ranking.

Remember this list of 10 Hardest Courses To Study In Kenya But High In Demand Today is not listed on any particular order, (for example: the most hardest course to the least hardest) so be smart on how you judge this list.

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This course involves dealing with aircraft in the aviation. You are dealing with an aeroplane that flys people (Kenyans) to different places of the world. Remember this is not a car engineering course. Which means it is not going to be easy to graduate on this course without hard work.

10: Telecommunication And Information Engineering

Last but definitely not least on this list will be telecommunications and information engineering.

This is a course you can not play around and expect to pass your exams, if are not willing to study hard and sometimes even overtime, you are better off pursuing any other course other than telecommunications and information engineering.

Those are the top 10 Hardest Courses To Study In Kenya But In High Demand Today right now. If you are to pursue any of these courses, always remember to stay focused and determined. It will all playoff in the near future.

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