The 10 Best Paint Companies In Kenya (You’ll Love It)

Best Paint Companies

When it comes to giving your home or marketable space a fresh look, choosing the right paint is pivotal.

In Kenya, there are several paint companies that offer high- quality products with a wide range of colors and finishes.

Opting the right paint company is essential for achieving the asked aesthetic and defensive results for your surfaces.

These companies in Kenya stand out for their quality products, different range of finishes, and commitment to meeting client needs.

Whether you are looking to revamp your home or marketable space, these companies offer dependable and innovative makeup results to bring your vision to life.

Check out these top 10 makeup companies in Kenya that you can consider for your paint project.

Best Paint Brands In Kenya:

1. Crown Paints Kenya PLC

Crown maquillages is a commanding makeup manufacturer in Kenya, known for its different range of products suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

The company offers a variety of makeup finishes, including emulsion, gloss, and textured coatings, feeding to different client requirements.

2. Basco Paints

Basco maquillages is a well- established paint company in Kenya, furnishing an array of ornamental and defensive coatings for colorful operations.

The company is honored for its innovative paint results that are acclimatized to repel the original climate conditions.

3. Sadolin Paints Kenya

Sadolin paint has been a trusted name in the Kenyan makeup assiduity for decades, offering a wide selection of high- quality maquillages and woodcare products.

Their products are designed to enhance and cover shells, making them a popular choice among consumers.

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4. Solai Paints

Solai Paints  is an estimable paint manufacturer with a strong focus on delivering eco-friendly and durable paint results.

The company’s commitment to sustainability and product quality has earned them a solid character in the request.

5. Kansai Plascon

It is among  the world’s commanding paint and coatings manufacturers.

Having its headquarters in Japan,Kansai Plascon is known for its commitment to quality, invention, and sustainability in the coating and paint assiduity.

6. Royal paints

Royal paints is committed to manufacturing stylish quality paints and wallpapers for its guests.

Having lasted the market for the last four years,the company has developed brilliant technology and has always delivered what is best to its users.

7. Duracoat Paints

Duracoat is a popular paint brand in Kenya, offering a comprehensive range of interior and exterior paints that are designed to repel the original rainfall conditions.

The company’s products are known for their continuity and color retention parcels.

8. Galaxy Paints

Galaxy paints is among the oldest paint companies in Kenya.

The company is known to have diversified its service to its customers each and every year. It is ranked among the best due to its development and fashionability.

9. Nasib Paints

Nasib Paints has been standing strong in the market since 1992.

It has proved to deliver quality and satisfied its customers in its speciality in ornamental, automotive, bonds, wood finishes, primers, and thinners.

10. Maroo Polymer

Maroo Polymers produces a variety of slice- edge, technically advanced maquillages that are easier to apply and last longer.

The company’s objective and main goal is to satisfy its customers with good quality paint.

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