Kenya Police Ranks and Badges 2023 (pdf download available)

Kenya Police

Here are Kenya Police ranks and badges in Kenya this year.

By the time you finish reading this article you should be able to identify the Kenya police ranks and their badges.

We have put down the entire order of ranks and badges of the Kenya police – updated.

Here is how the Kenya Police ranks and badges can be identified.
At the bottom of this post you will also have the option to download the Kenya Police ranks and badges as a dpf (which includes more information and pictures) for future reference.

Below is the list of Kenya Police ranks and badges

Kenya Police Ranks and Badges:

Kenya Police
Kenya Police

Inspector-General (formerly Commissioner of Police) – has the the 4-star (General in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF))

Deputy Inspector – General – has the 3-star (Lieutenant General in the KDF)

Senior Assistant Inspector – General – has the 2-star (Major General in the KDF)

Assistant Inspector-General – has the 1-star (Brigadier in the KDF)

Senior Superintendent – equivalent to Colonel in the KDF

Superintendent – equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the KDF

Assistant Superintendent – equivalent to Major in the KDF

Chief Inspector – equivalent to Captain in the KDF

Inspector – equivalent to Lieutenant in the KDF

Senior Sergeant – equivalent to Senior Sergeant in the KDF

Sergeant – equivalent to Sergeant in the KDF

Constable – equivalent to Private and Corporal in the KDF

Kenya Police Ranks And Badges – if you would like to download the pdf that includes more details and pictures. Use the link below

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Download Kenya Police Ranks and Badges pdf here

Kenya Kenya Police Ranks and Badges 2021/2022 FREE pdf download

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