Commercial Banks In Kenya (Full List) – 2023 (Licensed)

Banks in Kenya

Commercial Banks in Kenya (Full List) – (Licensed)

List of commercial banks in Kenya this year that are licensed in Kenya. Commercial Banks in Kenya in (licensed)

The following banks have been operating in Kenya for a number of years now. They are trusted and qualified to operate in the country which means they are licensed banks in the country.

Before we look at the commercial banks in Kenya that are licensed, what exactly is a bank?

Basically, a bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from people (the public). It keeps the money safe no matter the amount of money deposited by a person. Banks also lend people money when they need it. A bank can also be used to perform certain ‘money’ activities/transactions like receiving payments or paying bills and employees through the bank.

With that being said, below is the list of commercial banks in Kenya that are registered in the country.

Here are licensed commercial banks in Kenya in this year.

Commercial Banks in Kenya:

Licensed Commercial Banks in Kenya this year include..

  • Equity Bank
Equity Bank
  • Co-operative Bank
Co-operative Bank
  • KCB Bank
KCB Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • Equatorial Investment Bank
  • Equatorial Commercial Bank Limited
  • UBA Kenya Bank Ltd
  • Standard Chartered
  • Suntra Investment Bank Ltd
  • Sterling Investment Bank
  • Standard Investment Bank
  • Prime Bank
  • Paramount Bank
  • Oriental Commercial Bank Ltd.
  • NIC Bank
  • ABC Bank
  • National Bank
  • K-Rep Bank
  • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
  • KCB Bank
  • Investments & Mortgages Bank Limited – I&M Bank
  • Imperial Bank Limited
  • Housing Finance
  • Guardian Bank Ltd.
  • Giro Commercial Bank Ltd
  • Fina Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
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  • Faida Investment Bank – FIB
  • Development Bank Of Kenya Ltd
  • Consolidated Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Africa
  • Citibank N A
  • CFC Stanbic Bank Limited
  • Bank Of Baroda (Kenya) Ltd
  • Bank of Africa Kenya Ltd
  • Afrika Investment Bank
  • African Development Bank Group
  • African Banking Corporation
  • Dyer & Blair Investment Bank
  • Dubai Bank Kenya Ltd
  • Dry Associates Limited
  • Central Bank of Kenya

The above list has listed down all the Commercial Banks in Kenya this year that are accredited by the Government Of Kenya, (Licensed).

As of this year, these are the most trusted and most recommended banks in the country.

There you have it, the full list of licensed Commercial Banks in Kenya.

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