35+ Best Potato Pick Up Lines

Potatoes Pick up lines

Potatoes can not only make good fries, but also great pick up lines!.

What are the best Potato pick up lines to use for flirting?.

If you want to flirt with a person you like using Potato pick up lines, then you are in the right place, because we have a collection of the best Potatoes pick up lines for your flirting game.

The Potato pick up lines in this article are a combination of dirty Potato pick up lines, clever Potato pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines and funny Potato pick up lines.

Here are the best Potato pick up lines to use today.

Potatoes Pick Up Lines:

I’m really into toes. I would love to lick your potaTOES.

I never knew this whole new world existed until I met you. You’re like Colombus to my potato.

You look ravishing, like a bag of Lays potato chips to a famished soldier.

What’s the future of our relationship? It will last so long, we will ferment and be made into vodka.

Seeing you makes me want to just put some ketchup on you and eat you up like French fries.

I want to scoop you like mashed potatoes?

Hey baby, you make me wanna keep to time, are you a potato clock?

You are a master in the art of spuduction. It’s why I’m so attracted to you.

You got some starch in you. I can already feel something stiffening in my pants.

My potatoes need some mashing. Handle me rough.

You’re different from the other potatoes that come by, you’re a sweet one.

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Nice spuds you got there.

Your nice and delicious face makes me want to dig in and eat you up.

Hey, you have been floating through my mind like fries in a deep fryer.

I see you and I immediately know you are delicious. Can I get a taste of you?

I’m not sure if this is real, but I never want you to leave. You’re just too sweet.

Now, I think I need to call a dentist because of your sweetness.

If you were a type of potato chips, you would give LAYS potato chips serious competition.

Have you eaten any potato ever? You’re the sweetest.

Can you feel my support? I’m always rooting for you.

Know what would really mash my heart? It would be you rejecting my feelings for you..

Do you like potatoes? Then I’m sure you want to get mashed?

You are a fine potato; you have been baking my mind all day long.

If you were a potato, I would only eat potatoes every single day of my life.

Baby, you have stolen my heart and I want to hit you down low like a tuber.

If you were a potato, you would be the sweet type.

Hey potato, how about I have you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Hey baby, you must be a sweet potato; I find you so a-peeling.

I’m sure you are the sweetness in potato.

I feel like popping you with my potato gun because you are so hot.

Come be with me girl, I want to prod you with my huge potato.

Let’s ride around town in my comfy potato t-Uber.

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If I played a game of hot potato, I would lose every time because I wouldn’t be able to let you go.

Hey baby, are you potato soup? Because I think you’re souper.

Two potatoes walked in a bar; one male and the other female. The male potato turned to the female one and whispered something in her ears. Would you like to hear what he said?

Hi, my potato would fit perfectly in your exhaust pipe.

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