How To Apply for Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) Online For All Teachers

KUCCPS TTCs Online Application

How can I apply for TTCs online through the KUCCPS website?.

Here is an easy step by step guide on how you can be able to start your Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs ) Online Application Process easy and fast.

It is a requirement for all government sponsored Teachers Training College to offer applications to all qualified candidates through the online program of Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

If you want to apply and enroll in any Teachers Training College (TTCs) in Kenya that is sponsored by the government, you can easily make your application online.

Candidates should be aware of the intakes which is usually done from August to January of the following year.

With that being said, below is how to apply for your TTCs online and join a teachers training college in Kenya to pursue your teaching career.

Follow the easy steps provided below to make your TTC Online Application through KUCCPS website today.

Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs ) Online Application Process:

To start your TTC online application procedure, simply;

  • Log in to the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) portal
  • Once logged in, navigate over and select Student Portal Account then click on Log in
  • Enter your KCSE Index Number
  • Enter your KCSE year
  • For the password, simply use your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE Index Number as used in your KCSE Exam Registration as your password
  • Once done, go ahead and make your application in respect to your area of qualifications and interests

That’s it, you have completed your application process.

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Here are courses offered at Teachers Training Colleges and their respective minimum requirements to pursue the course at any TTC in Kenya.

Courses Offered At TTCs and Their Grade Requirements:

Below are minimum KCSE Grades requirements or Minimum Grades entry level for some of the courses offered at teachers training colleges in Kenya;

  • Certificate in Early Childhood and Development Education

Minimum Grade – D+

  • Diploma in Early Childhood and Development Education

Minimum Grade – C plain

  • Diploma in Teaching Course

Minimum Grade – C+

(with equivalent grade in two teaching subjects).

  • P1 Certificate Courses

Minimum – C plain

P1 Subjects Taught in TTCs:







Home Science



Physical Education




Diploma Subject Combinations Offered In TTCs:











Computer Studies/Mathematics

Home Science/English

Home Science/Geography



Geography/Business Studies



Here is a list of some of the best Teachers Training Colleges in Kenya.

List Of Top Performing TTCs In Kenya:

Nakuru Teachers Training College

Kericho Teachers Training College

Kibabii Diploma Teachrers Training College

Nabongo Teachers training College

Narok Teachers Training College

Thogoto Teachers Training College

F.K. Teachers Training College

Kaimosi Teachers Training College

Meru Teachers Training College

Murang’a Teachers Training College

Deans Teacher Training College

John’s Teachers Training College

Baringo Teachers Training College

Machakos Teachers Training College

Kamagambo Adventist College

Jerusa Teachers Training College, Jttc

Asumbi Teachers Training College

Shanzu Teachers Training College

Tamback Teachers Training College

Tambach Teachers Training

Consolata College

St Joseph Teachers Training College

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Nyanchwa Teachers Training College

Egoji Teachers training college

Eregi Teachers Training College

Presbyterian Teachers College Rubate

International Montessori School

Carol Teachers Training College

Masai Teachers Training College

International Teachers Training College

Kamwenja Teachers Training College

Thogoto Teachers Training College

Blescohouse Teachers Training College

Orthodox Teachers Training College of Africa

Austin’s Teachers Training College

Sunrise Teachers College

Kenya Education Staff Institute

Mosoriot Teachers Training College

Kilimambogo Teachers Training C

Shanzu Teachers Training College

The above listed TTCs in Kenya are currently accepting admissions in their institutions.

If you would like to join any of the above TT college, simply apply online using the method provided above or by visiting the college physically.

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