Most Profitable Horticultural Crops in Kenya (Big and Small Farmers)

Horticultural Crops in Kenya

Kenya’s horticulture sector is booming, offering farmers numerous opportunities to profit from a variety of crops.

In this article, we have listed down some of the most lucrative options for all size Kenyan farmers and with that being said, below are the best horticultural crops to plant in Kenya for maximum profits.

List of Best Horticultural Crops in Kenya:


Kenya’s flower industry, especially roses, is world-renowned. With established export markets and high demand, flower farming can be extremely profitable for those who meet quality standards.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit commands high prices both locally and internationally. With the right care, this crop can yield significant returns due to its premium market value.


Garlic is favored for its culinary and medicinal uses. Its high market value and relatively low maintenance requirements make it an attractive crop for Kenyan farmers.


Onions are in constant demand and have a long shelf life, making them a reliable crop. Strategic planting and proper storage can enhance profitability.


The growing trend towards healthy eating has increased the demand for lettuce, especially in urban areas. It has a short growth cycle and can be cultivated in controlled environments, ideal for quick returns.


Tomatoes are essential in Kenyan cuisine, with a stable market throughout the year. Their short growth cycle and high yield make them a top choice for farmers seeking good returns.


Cabbage is valued for its high yield and consistent demand. It is easy to grow and can be harvested multiple times annually, providing a steady income.

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Spinach is a fast-growing crop that requires minimal inputs. Its nutritional benefits ensure steady market demand, offering farmers regular income.

Kale (Sukumawiki)

Kale, or sukumawiki, is a staple in Kenyan diets. Its hardiness and continuous harvesting method provide a reliable source of income for farmers.

Dania (Coriander)

Dania is widely used in Kenyan dishes, making it a popular crop. It grows quickly and can be harvested multiple times, ensuring a consistent income.


Kenya’s horticultural sector offers diverse and profitable opportunities for farmers. By selecting high-demand crops and employing effective farming practices, farmers can achieve substantial financial gains.

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