Best Journalists in Kenya: Rank of Kenya’s Top Reporters 2024

Best Journalists in Kenya

Kenya’s media landscape boasts numerous talented journalists who have significantly influenced the industry with their exceptional reporting skills and dedication.

With the help your votes that Kenyan Magazine conducted, national awards, the Kenyan industry data and journalists respected highly in the game, we have been able to rank down respectively Kenya’s best journalists.

Here is a list of some of the best journalists in Kenya as of 2024, highlighting their contributions to the field.

Top Journalists In Kenya 2024:

1. Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is renowned for his compelling interviews and in-depth reports. He has a long-standing career at Citizen TV, where he hosts the popular show “Jeff Koinange Live.”

His fearless approach to journalism has made him a household name in Kenya.

2. Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo, currently working with CNN, has a rich background in journalism, having worked with major media houses like BBC and NTV.

His global perspective and insightful reporting have earned him international recognition.

3. Elizabeth Ochieng’

Elizabeth Ochieng’ from TV47 was named Kenya’s best journalist at the 2024 Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA).

She was also recognized for her outstanding work in health and medical reporting, particularly for her story “A Sweatless Survival” which highlighted healthcare struggles in Turkana County.

4. Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne Okwara is a respected journalist at Citizen TV. Known for her incisive political analyses and interviews, she has carved a niche as one of Kenya’s leading voices in journalism.

Her ability to tackle complex issues with clarity and depth is widely appreciated.

5. Hussein Mohammed

Hussein Mohammed, who served as Citizen TV’s prime time news anchor, is now the State House Spokesperson.

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His career is marked by his exceptional interviewing skills and deep understanding of political issues.

6. Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is a prominent media personality known for her vibrant presenting style and engaging stories.

She has worked with K24 and KTN, and her show “Weekend with Betty” gained significant popularity.

7. Ayub Abdikadir

Ayub Abdikadir’s rise from an unknown journalist to one of the most recognized names in Kenya is a testament to his hard work and talent.

He is known for his tenure at Ebru TV, K24, and now Citizen TV, where his interviewing skills have brought critical issues to the forefront.

8. Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan, co-hosting with her husband Rashid Abdalla, brings a unique blend of professionalism and charisma to her reporting. She is widely admired for her role at Citizen TV.

9. Sophia Wanuna

Sophia Wanuna is a senior reporter and news anchor at KTN. She is known for her thorough reporting and ability to handle live broadcasts with ease.

10. Rashid Abdalla

Rashid Abdalla, alongside his wife Lulu Hassan, co-hosts on Citizen TV. His storytelling skills and engaging presence have made him a favorite among viewers.

Kenya’s journalists are not only shaping public discourse but also pushing the boundaries of investigative journalism.

Their dedication to uncovering the truth and presenting it with integrity continues to inspire the next generation of media professionals.

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