Driver Reveals What Caused The Londiani Accident That Killed 55+ People

Londiani accident driver speaks

Update: On Friday, June 30, a trailer rammed into seven
matatus and bodabodas killing over 55 people at the Londiani Junction.

A driver by the name Peter Otieno, who was one of the drivers present along the Kericho-Nakuru highway on Friday, June 30, gave his story of what led to the Londiani Tragedy that took the life of more than 55 persons.

According to the driver who was driving on the opposite side of the road, he noticed the trailer speeding in his direction prompting him to slow down to avoid a collision.

However, another driver behind him mistakingly assumed he stopped to buy something at the busy market and went on to overtake.

Unfortunately, this assumption proved fatal as the vehicle crashed with the trailer.

“I had arrived at the junction when I saw the trailer speeding prompting me to slow down to avoid the accident. The driver behind me decided to overtake and that’s how the collision occurred,” He Said.

This resulted in the multiple-car (seven cars) crash that has since been termed a national disaster.

Otieno who is lucky to be alive said “I have seen over 20 bodies laying dead on the ground but there were more crashed under the trailer.”

According to reports, it is indicated that the trailer heading to Kericho Town lost control at Londiani Junction.

It was reported that the trailer was transporting goods when the accident occurred.

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