All Quickmart Branches, Locations, Operating Hours and Contacts 2023

Quickmart Supermarket Branches in Kenya

Quickmart Supermarket is one of the best and most affordable supermarket in Kenya with amazing offers on various products daily.

The Quickmart supermarket in Kenya is a homegrown supermarket which was established back in 2006.

The first ever quickmart supermarket branch was in Nakuru town. As of now the supermarket has grown to have branches all over the country in different Counties.

How many branches does Quickmart have in Kenya?.

Quickmart supermarket has a total of 59 branches in 15 counties across Kenya with a total workforce of 6,000+ employees.

With that being put across, find a table below with all quickmart supermarket branches in Kenya and their physical location, including each quickmart branch opening and closing hours and contacts.

Find a quickmart supermarket branch near you today that is opened.

Quickmart Supermarket Branches In Kenya:

Quickmart Supermarket Branch Area Location Contacts Opening and Closing Hours
Quickmart Buru BuruNairobiBuru Buru Phase 3, Mumias Rd.0700-55-55-6624 Hrs
Quickmart ChakaNairobiArgwings Kodhek Rd, Nairobi0700-44-44-3324 Hrs
Quickmart DonholmNairobiOutering Rd, Nairobi0701-222-99924 Hrs
Quickmart EmbakasiNairobiRoad to Utawala Academy, Nairobi0700-55-22-2224 Hrs
Quickmart FedhaNairobiFedha road, Nairobi0701-43-43-4324 Hrs
Quickmart JipangeNairobiThika road, Nairobi0700-68-68-6824 Hrs
Quickmart Kahawa SukariNairobiKahawa sukari avenue, Nairobi0716-47-47-4724 Hrs
Quickmart Kahawa WestNairobiKahawa station road, Nairobi0701-38-38-3824 Hrs
Quickmart KileleshwaNairobiMandera road, Nairobi0715-412-41224 Hrs
Quickmart KilimaniNairobiKilimani road, Nairobi0799-33-00-8824 Hrs
Quickmart LavingtonNairobiGitanga road, Nairobi0798-20-20-2024 Hrs
Quickmart MfanganoNairobiHakati road, Nairobi0700-55-55-8824 Hrs
Quickmart Mlolongo HighwayMachakosNear Machakos road, Machakos0725-88-00-8824 Hrs
Quickmart Mtwapa ExpressKilifiMombasa/ Malindi road, Mtwapa0745-00-11-0024 Hrs
Quickmart NyaliMombasaLinks Road, Nyali0726-336-33724 Hrs
Quickmart OTCNairobiLandhies Road, Nairobi0700-358-35824 Hrs
Quickmart Rongai ExpressKajiadoMagadi Road, Nairobi0701-22-77-7724 Hrs
Quickmart RuaiNairobiKangundo Road, Nairobi0700-500-00524 Hrs
Quickmart RuakaKiambuLimuru Road, Kiambu0708-600-50024 Hrs
Quickmart ThomeNairobiMarurui, Northern Bypass0707-80-88-0824 Hrs
Quickmart Tom MboyaNairobiTom Mboya Street Nairobi0700-444-45524 Hrs
Quickmart Utawala ExpressNairobiEastern By-Pass, Nairobi0701-39-39-3924 Hrs
Quickmart WestlandsNairobiRing Road, Parklands0717-963-96324 Hrs
Quickmart BandariMombasaHaile Selasie Road, Mombasa0713-821-82107:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart ChaniaKiambuGatitu Rd, Kiambu0717-802-80207:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Crossroads KarenNairobiLang’ata Road, Nairobi0714-66-00-6607:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart EBPNairobiEastern By-Pass, Nairobi0715-40-40-4007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart EBP 2NairobiEastern By-Pass, Nairobi0700-88-33-3307:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart EldoretEldoretEldo Center Mall, Eldoret0743-00-11-0007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KakamegaKakamegaKisumu / Kakamega road, Kakamega0719-22-55-7707:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KerichoKerichoTengecha la harambee road, Kericho0111-220-22207:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Kiambu RoadKiambuKiambu road, Kiambu0706-45-45-4507:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Kikuyu RoadNairobiKikuyu road, Nairobi0702-15-15-1507:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KiserianKajiadoMagadi road, Nairobi0110-007-46307:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KisiiKisiiEchiro mall, Kisii0746-00-11-0007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KitaleTrans-nzoiaMak asembo street, Kitale0718-00-11-0007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KitengelaKajiadoNairobi / Namanga, Kajiado0715-769-76907:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KituiKituiBiashara Street, Kitui0714-88-00–8807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart KondeleKisumuKondele by-pass, Kisumu0701-22-22-8807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Machakos ExpressMachakosNear Machakos / Kitui road, Machakos0721-88-00-8807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Machakos PioneerMachakosMachakos Wote road, Machakos0724-88-00-8807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart MayfairKisumuAngawe avenue, Kisumu0715-384-30007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Milele NgongKajiadoNgong road, Kajiado0717-896-89607:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Mombasa RoadNairobiMombasa road, Nairobi0748-00-11-0007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Mtwapa MallKilifiMombasa/ Malindi Road, Mtwapa0726-604-60407:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart NanyukiLaikipiaNyeri/ Nanyuki Road, Laikipia0719-22-55-6607:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart NyalendaKisumuAwour Otieno Road, Kisumu0701-33-33-4407:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Oginga OdingaKisumuOginga Odinga Road, Kisumu0110-00-74-6207:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart OuteringNairobiOuter Ring Road, Nairobi0701-22-22-2607:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Outering 2NairobiKangundo Road, Nairobi0719-757-75707:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart PioneerNairobiMoi Avenue, Nairobi0719-22-55-1107:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart PipelineNairobiOuter Ring Road, Nairobi0701-22-22-2807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Rongai MainKajiadoMagadi Road, Nairobi0799-21-21-2107:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart RoysambuNairobiKamiti Road, Nairobi0700-83-83-8307:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart RuiruKiambuRuiru/ Kamiti Road, Kiambu0701-28-28-2807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart ShababNakuruShabab, Nakuru0706-21-10-1007:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart T-MallNairobiMai Mahiu Road, Lang’ata0727-88-00-8807:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart Utawala MainNairobiEastern By-Pass, Nairobi0701-42-42-4207:00AM – 09:30PM
Quickmart WaiyakiNairobiWaiyaki Way, Nairobi0799-18-18-1807:00AM – 09:30PM

Quickmart Supermarket Contacts Details:

For feedback and other inquires
please contact Quickmart at;

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Customer Service hours are:

  • Weekdays : 7:30am – 7:00pm
  • Weekends / Holidays : 8:30am – 7:00pm

If you contact outside the Customer Service opening hours, they will definitely respond immediately they are back in the office.

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