10+ Best Lil Tay Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Lil tay quotes and captions

Since the beginning, the internet has been enthralled with rapper and influencer Little Tay.

The nine-year-old viral star, whose real name is Claire Hope, initially became well-known in 2018.

Tay was well-known for her exaggerated Instagram videos in which she flaunted her opulent lifestyle while rapping and screaming profanities.

Tay, however, abruptly vanished from the internet shortly after her stratospheric rise, deactivating her Instagram account and remaining mute to the millions of followers she had amassed on the platform.

The rapper’s parents, Christopher Hope and Angela Tian, were involved in a bitter custody dispute.

Despite Tay’s growth in her internet presence while living with her mother in Los Angeles, the court ordered her to return to Vancouver and into her father’s custody in 2018.

With that being said, here is a list of the best lil tay quotes and captions for Instagram pictures.

From Savage lil tay quotes, best lil tay lyrics and captions.

Lil Tay Instagram Captions and Quotes:

Came back 5 years later and you bi*ch still broke

So what would I do without you??? B*

$100 mil on cars alon

This is more than your rent.. $200k in cash


I’m back. This time for Good!

Young but rich baby!

I’m the hottest number 1 independent artist!

My toilet cost more than your rent hun

I’m a slave for youuuu!!

Ain’t gat no license but I drive b*

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