Top 20 Best Female DJs In Kenya 2023

Female DJs in Kenya

Who is the best female DJ in Kenya?.

You will probably not be able to find out how epic and good a female DJ is in her music mixes until you listen to her for a while.

And that’s one of the factors that Kenyan Magazine has used to rank down the top best and most talented women DJs in the country.

Who is a DJ?.

disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is basically a person who plays recorded music for an audience.

There are different types of DJs, DJs that perform in music venues like clubs & bars and radio DJs.

However in Kenya, many do both, especially if they’re genre specialists. In this case, it’s often more useful to define a DJ by their genre

For example a Hip Hop DJ, a Genge DJ, Bongo DJ, Trance DJs, EDM DJs and Reggae DJs etc or sometimes the equipment they use to DJ (EG: turntablists etc.).

Kenya has quite a lot of different music genre DJs in the country.

Many female DJs in Kenya quite make the club more lit, the party more fan, and the event more interesting.

From Genge, Gospel music, Reggae Music, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Roots, Trap, Genge tone to any music genre you can think of in Kenya.

These are Kenya’s best music female Deejays that are ranked the top of the game.

When it comes to women DJs in Kenya who are dominating the industry, these are the names you will come across.

With that being said, with no particular order, below are the best DJs in Kenya on the women side of business.

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Best Female Kenyan DJs:

  1. Dj Pierra Makena 
  2. DJ Malaika
  3. DJ Lisney
  4. DJ Shanize
  5. DJ Dii
  6. DJ Bee
  7. DJ Mellow
  8. DJ dimsey
  9. DJ Tabz
  10. DJ Sashy
  11. Dj Redbone
  12. Dj Lil Mo
  13. DJ Mochi Baybee
  14. Dj Bunney254
  15. Dj Euniqe
  16. DJ Caril
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