List Of All NATO Countries In 2024

List Of All NATO countries

Looking for countries that are members of the NATO?.

Here is the updated list of all the 30 countries in the world that are members of NATO as of this year.

Before looking at the list of NATO countries, what exactly is NATO?.

In a nutshell, NATO is a term that refers to North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The headquarters of NATO are in Brussels, Belgium.

How many countries in the world are members of NATO?.

Today, there are currently a total of 30 countries that are part of NATO. 27 of which are within Europe and one country is located in Eurasia, and two other countries within North America.

With that being said, below is the list of NATO Members and the year of which the country joined NATO.

List of Countries That Are Members Of NATO:

United States 1949

United Kingdom 1949

Canada 1949

Croatia 2009

France 1949

Bulgaria 2004

Iceland 1949

Luxembourg 1949

Montenegro 2017

Netherlands 1949

Italy 1949

Latvia 2004

Lithuania 2004

North Macedonia 2020

Norway 1949

Poland 1999

Slovakia 2004

Portugal 1949

Romania 2004

Slovenia 2004

Spain 1982

Turkey 1952

Germany 1955

Greece 1952

Hungary 1999

Czech Republic 1999

Denmark 1949

Estonia 2004

Albania 2009

Belgium 1949

NB: Article for informational purposes only.

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