Top 20 Poorest Tribes In Kenya 2022

Poorest Tribes In Kenya

Out of all the 42 plus well known tribes in Kenya, which tribes are the poorest among all the Tribes in the country?.

In this article, we have ranked the top 15 Poorest tribes in Kenya today.

What do we mean by Poorest Tribes?.

First of all let’s define what the word poor actually means;

Poor simply means lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.

When it comes to kenya’s tribes that lack sufficient income or financial stability to live at a starndard level in Kenya, these are the poorest Kenyan tribes.

The Turkana people, Oromo, Samburu and Kuria are among the poorest tribes in Kenya.

With that being said, here are the poorest Kenyan tribes listed below.

Poorest Tribes In Kenya:

  1. Turkana
  2. Oromo
  3. Samburu
  4. Kuria
  5. Rendile
  6. Okiek
  7. Chonyi
  8. Digo
  9. The Kauma
  10. Borana
  11. Pokot
  12. Jibana
  13. Giriama
  14. Nubi
  15. Konso
  16. Galla
  17. Njemps
  18. Teso
  19. Mbeere
  20. Suba
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