Top 15 Most Educated Tribes In Kenya 2023

Most Educated Tribes In Kenya

What’s the most educated tribe in Kenya today?.

Here are the most educated Kenyan Tribes in the country out of all the Tribes in Kenya today.

Kenya has many tribes, but some of these tribes are not as learned as one may assume.

If you are a Kenyan, get to know today if your tribe is considered as one of the most learned tribes in the country.

Based of various important factors, in this article, we have ranked down the top most educated Kenyan Tribes.

With that being said below is the list of the most educated tribes in Kenya.

Today, Luhyas, Kikuyus, Luo and Kisii are the top most educated kenyan tribes.

Below are top 15 most educated tribes in Kenya.

Most Educated Tribes In Kenya:

  1. Luhya
  2. Kikuyu
  3. Kisii
  4. Kalenjin
  5. Luo
  6. Embu
  7. Kamba
  8. Mijikenda
  9. Swahili
  10. Kuria
  11. Boorana
  12. Maasai
  13. Taita
  14. Meru
  15. Rendile
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