Jamuhuri Day: Meaning, Best Quotes, Wishes and Messages (December 12th 2023)

Jamuhuri Day quotes, wishes, messages and SMS Kenya

Here at Kenyan Magazine, we highly value and respect our nation and all that our own blood had to go through to make Kenya a republic.

With respect to that, we have combined a list of the best Jamuhuri Day Quotes for you to share with your loved ones.

This includes best Jamuhuri day wishes, Jamuhuri day messages and SMS.

What’s the meaning of Jamuhuri Day?

Jamhuri day is marked as the day Kenya became a republic. East Africa attained self-governance on 1st June 1963 and became a republic on 12th December of the following year.

What is Jamhuri in English? Jamhuri is the Swahili word for ‘republic’. Kenyans have been celebrating Jamhuri day every year since 1964.

Happy Jamuhuri Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages & SMS:

A wonderful day it is. Our country has come so far that we take things for granted.

A joyous Jamhuri day to everyone present. I love being Kenyan!

Let us preach the message of peace and harmony today. Happy Jamhuri day.

The independence of our nation is what has made our progress. Happy Jamhuri day.

This Jamhuri day will be different for me as I pay homage to civil servants, the private sector, the executive, judiciary and legislature.

Happy Jamhuri day to all Kenyans. I love that we love each other.

Like our forefathers preached peace, love and unity, I pray that we will continue with the same spirit this Jamhuri day.

Freedom is a chance to make things better. Wishing you a happy Jamhuri Day

From the bottom of my heart.. I wish all Kenyans a Happy Jamhuri Day!

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I wish you all happy Jamhuri Day celebrations. God Bless Kenya

Happy Jamuhuri Day to all my friends

We wish all our customers a Happy Jamhuri Day

We thank the Almighty God for making this day amazing. Happy Jamhuri Day!

Happy freedom day to all Kenyans

I wish you a happy and peaceful Jamhuri day celebration all

Freedom should not be denied to anyone, everyone is free to move and live freely anywhere in the country. Happy Jamhuri Day!

Gu Liberties aren’t given but taken.

Let’s remind ourselves where we want to go as a country and move in that direction. Happy Jamhuri Day!

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. Let’s be ourselves, Jamhuri Day reminds us to be who we are.

I would like to be remembered as the person who fought for our freedom, Happy Jamhuri Day!

Wishing you a happy Jamhuri Day

Freedom is priceless, we should be proud of our country. Wishing you a happy Jamhuri Day!

If you want to reap the benefits of freedom, you must work towards it. The time is now. Happy Jamhuri Day!

I Wish you a happy Jamhuri Day

The truth will set you free, although it will not be easy to get there. Happy Jamhuri Day

Liberty has never come from the government. It always comes from the subjects of it.

Happy Jamhuri Day to all Kenyans, Peace Love, and Unity

Enjoy the celebrations and appreciate what our forefathers did for this Nation. Happy Jamhuri Day to all Kenyans!

Happy Jamhuri Day My dear Brother! United we stand, divided we fall.

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We are a blessed country; we thank God for the far he has brought us. Have a wonderful Jamhuri Day.

Let’s Build Kenya for a better tomorrow. Happy Jamhuri Day!

We have achieved so much as a country! Freedom of expression, Freedom of the media, Access to information, and more, wish you Happy Jamhuri Day!

Freedom must be fought for, be protected, and handed over to the next generation. Happy Jamhuri Day

Jamhuri Day reminds us of what our freedom fighters fought for

This is what our independence heroes sacrificed for, for us to enjoy the freedom we have today! Happy Jamhuri Day!

Better to fight for freedom than be quiet and oppressed for the rest of your life. Happy Jamhuri Day!

Our founders set the foundation of this country. It’s our duty to ensure we follow those dreams. Happy Jamhuri Day

I do not agree with what you have to say today, but I’ll defend its truth. Happy Jamhuri Day

To have Freedom you have to be bold.

Better to die fighting for freedom rather than be a prisoner all the days of your life. Happy Jamhuri Day

The best government is the one that gives you total freedom to be yourself. Happy Jamhuri Day

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