Top 30 Heated Swimming Pools In Nairobi

Best Heated Swimming Pools in Nairobi

Nairobi, the bustling capital megacity of Kenya, offers a plethora of openings for relaxation and recreation.

Amidst the civic geography, there is a growing trend of heated swimming pools, furnishing a perfect retreat for residents and callers seeking to decompress and rejuvenate.

This is a curated list of 30 heated swimming pools in Nairobi, each offering a unique experience, so if you are looking for heated swimming pool near you then you are in the right article today.

Best Heated Swimming Pools Around Nairobi:

1. Luxe Lounge and Spa

Located in the heart of the megacity, Luxe Lounge and Spa boasts a heated pool with stunning views of the Nairobi skyline. Perfect for a tranquil syncope while enjoying the cityscape.

2. Sankara Nairobi

Sankara Nairobi, a 5- star hostel, features a luxurious heated pool with attentive service, creating an oasis of serenity in the midst of the civic bustle.

3. Tribe Hotel

Tribe Hotel offers a heated pool girdled by lush verdure, furnishing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the megacity.

4. Villa Rosa Kempinski

Nestled in a lavish setting, Villa Rosa Kempinski’s heated pool offers a lavish experience with impeccable attention to detail and service.

5. Radisson Blu Hotel

The Radisson Blu Hotel’s heated pool provides a stimulating retreat with ultramodern amenities and a vibrant air.

6. The Concord Hotel

The Concord Hotel’s heated pool offers an amazing experience, complete with graphic views and a tranquil atmosphere.

7. Sarova Panafric

Sarova Panafric’s heated pool provides a perfect setting for relaxation, with a mix of ultramodern comforts and warm hospitality.

8. The Boma Nairobi

The Boma Nairobi’s heated pool offers a peaceful oasis, ideal for unwinding after a busy day exploring the megacity.

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9. Hemingways Nairobi

Girdled by lush auditoriums , Hemingways Nairobi features a heated pool that exudes fineness and tranquility, creating a serene escape.

10. Fairmont The Norfolk

Fairmont the Norfolk’s heated pool offers a classic, sophisticated retreat, combining old- world charm with ultramodern luxury.

11. Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton boasts a heated pool with a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the megacity’s energy.

12. The Curve by the Park

This  is a 5- star completely furnished apartment accommodation with great views of Nairobi National Park.

It is designed to give guests great pleasure down from home, and has a pool that can be heated when requested.

13. Nairobi Serena Hotel

Nairobi Serena Hotel’s heated pool offers a mix of fineness and relaxation, furnishing a tranquil escape from the civic geography.

14. The Clarence House Hotel

The Hotel is  located in the plush Westlands neighborhood and it offers its guests ultimate comfort and luxury.

 The  Clarence has a heated pool situated on the rooftop showcasing the beautiful view of  Westlands.

15. The Sarova Stanley

The Sarova Stanley’s heated pool provides a classic, sophisticated retreat, evocative of the megacity’s social heritage.

16. The Panari Hotel

The Panari Hotel offers a heated pool with a ultramodern, satiny design, creating a swish retreat in the heart of the megacity.

17. Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel

Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel’s heated pool offers a serene escape, girdled by stirring views of the megacity and the horizon.

18. Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel

Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel’s heated pool provides a stimulating retreat, with a perfect mix of ultramodern luxury and warm hospitality.

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19. Royal Tulip Canaan Hotel.

Positioned in the heart of Kilimani, The Royal Tulip Canaan Hotel has a perfectly heated swimming pool and offers affordable charge to walk in clients.

20. The Heron Portico

The Heron Portico’s heated pool offers a tranquil escape, ideal for mellowing amidst the hostel’s inviting air.

21. GMC Fun Place

Put away in Kitengela along the busy Namanga Road,it is the most affordable heated swimming pool in Nairobi. It is a perfect fit for  family since it brings littoral Kenya right to your doorstep.

22. Hotel Emerald

Hotel Emerald’s heated pool provides a comforting retreat, with a focus on individualized service and a serene atmosphere.

23. The Social House

The Social House features a heated pool designed for both relaxation and socializing, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

24. The Monarch Hotel

The Monarch Hotel’s heated pool offers a luxurious retreat, combining contemporary design with warm hospitality.

25. Safari Park Hotel.

 Safari Park hotel swimming pool was Designed to help you decompress after a long day of work. The pool is accessible to members at an affordable price.

26. The Jacaranda Hotel Swimming Pool

The  Swimming Pool is the best choice for those looking for a heated swimming pool in Nairobi. The pool is l

situated in the Westlands neighborhood and offers a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

27. Woodmare Serviced Apartments

Positioned along Rose Avenue in Kilimani The Woodmere Serviced Apartments offers a sauna to rejuvenate,massages and the best heated pool to relax .

28. Crowne Plaza Nairobi

Crowne Plaza Hotel is located at Upper Hill’s business quarter.The heated swimming pool offered is perfect to rejuvenate after a long day 9f work.

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29. The Clarion Hotel

The Clarion Hotel features a heated pool that exudes fineness and complication, offering a perfect retreat for relaxation.

30. Stedmark Gardens Swimming Pool

It’s situated in the posh estate Karen in Nairobi. The heated swimming pool and floating eatery positioned at StedMak Gardens  offers a perfect space to chill after a long day or with your family.

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