80+ Best Swimming Pick Up Lines

Swimming Pick up lines

Hello swimmers! Here are the world’s best swimming pick up lines and swimming pool pick up lines to use.

Swimming is a sport loved and cherished by millions of people of all ages, from young teens to older adults.

If you sport a cutie at a swimming pool, use these pick-up lines to flirt with a swimmer or while at the pool.

With that being said, below is the list cheesy and funny swimming pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines, cute and clever swimming pool pick up lines.

Swimming Pick Up Lines:

You leave me breathless… Could you be the 400 IM?

I perform best… When I’m wet!

Being that you are always in my mind makes me feel you are the end of practice. 

Are you a backline? Because I’ve been staring at you since I arrived at the pool. 

You are like a gold medal. I won’t stop until I get to you.

Your name must be flip-turn. Coz I’m always head over heels when I see you.

I want to smell like you if you are chlorine.

You must be swimmer, the way you swim in my mind all day.

You get my heart racing. Are you a sprint set?.

Baby, before you save me, allow me to go down a few minutes.

I’m sorry for making you all wet.

Your swim suit will look much sexier on the floor next to my bed.

If you were a touch pad, I’d be the first to tap you.

Oh boy! You got me bending over backwards for you like backstroke.

You must be a flip turn as I am head over heels for you.

I am right here; please quit swimming after your dreams.

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I can make you wet without swimming, if you let me.

Do not take off your pants before taking your mark.

Just like my snorkel, you are wrapped around my mind.

If I weren’t a good swimmer, I’d be drowned in your eyes.

Girl, you make my knees weak. I guess you are the 100 breast. 

I’m here for you just in case you quit swimming after you dreams.

You’ve been swimming through my mind since I came here. Could you be a swimmer?

I wish I could leave, but you are as irresistible as pulling on the lane line during backstroke. 

I’m told being wet makes me a better performer. We better get swimming. 

If you were a lane rope, I would lay on you all day long.

You are always in my mind just like a swimming practice.

You are everything I’ve been waiting for. Are you tapering?

You make me need anti-fog Google spray.

Just like without the backline I’d be lost so do I without you.

I don’t if it’s you or the 200 butterfly that took my breath away.

My love for you goes on and on, like a mile.

My coach instructed me to warm-up and thought I could talk to you for a few minutes.

Can I feel you swim suit?

I would like to go on a long romantic warm down with you and split the lane.

You make my face all red like a low interval sprint set.

You brighten up my day like the anti-fog spray for my googles.

You are my splash-and-dash. You get my heart beating.

I just remembered a hypoxy training set when you took my breath away.

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I’d wish that my pull buoy’s not be the only thing that goes through these thighs.

Pulling on the lane during backstroke is irresistible, and so are you.

You take my breath away. Could you be the 200 medley?

You have everything I need. You are my swim bag.

My love for you goes on and on, like a mile.

You are as tight as my race suit. 

You leave my knees weak like a dive set.

You take my breath away like a breath control set.

You are wrapped around my mind like my snorkel.

I feel you are attached to me like my paddles.

She is the slippery pool deck I am falling for.

You must be a lap counter since I’m lost without you.

Let me lie on you all day like a lane rope.

You take my breath away like the hypoxic set.

I won’t stop till I get to you, because you are a gold medal.

The way you blow everyone else out of the water with your good looks, you have to be a swimmer.

You caught me on fire; please come jump in the pool with me.

Even before I took up swimming, they called me the human torpedo.

I need a quick mouth-to-mouth please, I am drowning!

Besides having a good breast stroke, I am a good swimmer too.

Can I play with those nice pool balls?

Do you have any life guarding experience for not very good swimmers?

After we do a turn, look at me under water so I know it’s real.

Allow me to hold on your floaties since I can’t swim.

I’d like to go with you on a long romantic warm down ans split the late.

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With that hottie la mottie swimmers body, you must be a good swimmer.

Like a pool tile, you are slippery when wet.

You are so hot you are on fire; I suggest you get into the water.

Today I just want to flipturn you on.

I want to help you in rubbing in that tanning oil; you look like you need it.

There’s a reason why it’s called adult swimming.

You heard? The pool wants you to join me for drink.

In order to inflate your raft, just put your lips together and blow.

I really wish I were the towel you are using to dry yourself off with.

You are now old enough to swim in the deep end.

We dive in hard and come out wet. Who are we? Answer: Swimmers.

What’s the swimmers club motto? ‘Go in hard and dry, come out limp and wet.’

You make me spread my legs. Are you breast stroke?

I could look at you all day because you remind me of the black line.

You make my knees so weak; I think you are the 200 breast stroke.

You are one in a million; are you a distance swimmer?

I think your name Taper because you are all I’ve been waiting for.

I don’t have to go swimming since I’m already drowning in your eyes.

The rate at which I keep hitting on you, you must be a lane rope.

Everything goes through those thighs, including my pull buoy.

These are some of the best and unique swimmers pick up lines and swimming pick up lines to use while swimming or at a swimming pool or even at the beach.

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