20+ Best Subway Pick Up Lines

Subway Pick up lines

Subway Pick Up Lines that actually work are listed below with no particular order.

If you want to get the best pick up lines about subway, below is the list of all the best and greatest subway restaurant pick up lines to use today.

Have fun with the following hand picked subway pick up lines by pick up lines expert to help you in your flirting game.

The Subway pick up lines below consists of funny subway pick up lines, cute subway lines, cheesy, romantic, sweet and other good subway pick up lines.

Subway Pick Up Lines:

Let’s do breakfast tomorrow at Subway. Should I call you or you will be sleeping at my place tonight?

I like you like I love Subway sandwich. 

Hey girl, do you want to get lunch at Subway or you want to be lunch?

Are you from Subway? Because your buns are fantastic. 

I will keep you in the fridge till I want you. 

Let’s party at Subway and celebrate the after-party at my place. 

Can I add some salt on your Subway salad?

Do you like Subway chocolate? You are going to choke a lot on this dick tonight. 

After I finish this Subway sandwich, I will be pudding this sausage in your mouth. 

Can I order you some chips with that Subway sandwich? 

Girl, you are as sweet as Subway cookie that I get with my sandwich. 

I knead you like bread dough at Subway. 

Are you into Subway salads? Because I want to prepare some for you tonight. 

So do you like Subway sandwich? Come over to my place and I will let you try the sausage. 

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Allow me to call you Subway assorted cheese platter because I want to taste every part of you. 

Subway fast food makes millions of sandwiches a day but I’m asking only for your heart. 

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