List Of 10 LGBTQ Celebrities In Kenya 2023

LGBTQ celebrities in Kenya

Here are more than 10 famous people in Kenya women to men who are LGBTQ community.

What does LGBTQ mean?

Pertaining collectively to people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or those questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation), and intersex.

Although some nations across the world have accepted this community, some countries, like our beloved Kenya, haven’t accepted the LGBTQ community because apparently it’s against their cultures, beliefs, and values.

In Kenya today, despite facing discrimination, rejection and other challenges especially because these people are famous in the country.

These Kenyan celebrities have shown bravery and have embraced their sexual identities and this has made them the icon in Kenya for the LGBTQ community.

With that being said, below is the list of names of the LGBTQ community celebrities in Kenya who have confirmed it and they are proud.

Celebrities In Kenya Who Are LGBTQ:

1. Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO not mentioning that she is among the most influential female celebrities in Kenya.

Relationship: Once dated her fellow celebrity and gay activist Makena Njeri.

2. Willis Austin Chimano

Popularly known as Chimano from the talented boy band group in Kenya Sauti Sol.

3. Dennis Karuri

Dennis Karuri, despite this industry being dominated by women, he has grown to become one of the best make-up artists in Kenya.

4. Silas Miami

Silas Miami is a talented Kenyan filmmaker who identifies himself as a queer/gay person, he is based in South Africa.

5. Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri is an actor, a producer and director and she is also the founder of Bold Network Africa, an organization that advocates for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

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She used to have romantic relationship with the famous Michelle Ntalami.

. Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu is one of the best female artist in the Kenyan music industry.

7. Noti Flow

Noti Flow is a talented Kenyan female rapper and one of the most followed lesbian celebrity in the country.

8. Audrey Mbugua

Audrey Mbugua is a male-to-female transgender person and a strong transgender activist.

9. Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu is a former radio personality currently a content creator.

(update: she claimed she’s no longer in the LGBTQ community)

10. Brenda Jons

Popular content creator in Kenya.

(update: she claimed she’s no longer in the LGBTQ community)

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