Top 5 Best Rappers In Kenya [Ranked 2024]

Best rappers in Kenya

Who is the best rapper in Kenya today? Find out today the top 5 greatest Rappers in Kenya, ranked.

With the help of Kenyans, hip hop lovers in the country and general Kenyan music fans.

Kenyan Magazine has been able to come up with the list of the top five greatest rappers in Kenya ranked from the top G.O.A.T to the 5th best kenyan rapper.

The rank of the best Kenyan Rappers is listed with respect to certain criteria that ranks the name of the rappers.

We care about pure, technical skills, regardless of whether they’re independent Kenyan Rappers or on a major label.

These rappers also need to have been on the scene long enough to prove they can stay consistent, too.

That means we’re looking for advanced rhyme schemes, multisyllabic rhyming, and sensible lyrics, plus an authenticity in their messaging in the rap game.

When it comes to the Kenyan music industry, these are the best Rappers in Kenya this year and there’s literally no doubt about it.

As of today, Khaligraph Jones is the fastest rapper in Kenya with the most continuous rhyming rap bars.

King Kaka has the best rap message in his rap songs in Kenya making him the smartest rapper in Kenya with the most fluent message delivery in a rap music in both English and Kiswahili.

Octopizzo is the best sheng and Kenyan Swahili rapper in Kenya with very intelligent rap lyrics play.

Nyashinski is a legendary rapper in Kenya who can actually sing hit songs and the numbers don’t lie. He is one of the most respected Kenyan musician.

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Femi One is the best female rapper in Kenya and also recognized as a one of the finest females in the game.

With that being said, here is the list of the top G.O.A.T rappers in Kenya.

Greatest Kenyan Rappers:

1. Khaligraph Jones

OG is currently leading as the best rapper in Kenya in both Kiswahili and English rap songs.

2. King Kaka

King is at the top of the chart as the 2nd greatest Kenyan rapper in the Kenyan music industry and the rapper with the smartest lyrics in the game.

3. Octopizzo

Octo is not only the 3rd best rapper in Kenya but he’s the most inspiring Kenyan rapper with a global recognition.

4. Nyashinski

When it comes to rapping and singing by a single person, Nyashinski takes the lead in the Kenyan music scene.

5. Femi One

Femi Uno is the best female Kenyan rapper and currently the 5th greatest rapper in Kenya.

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