Top 10 Most Googled Music Lyrics In Kenya 2023

Most Google in Kenya

In 2022, there has been uncountable number of released music hits from January to December.

In this article, we have listed down the ranking of the top 10 most Google music lyrics in Kenya confirmed by

These are the top most popular music Google by Kenyans for the year 2022.

As the debate on Kenyans’ love for Afrobeats music over other genres goes on, Google has come out to confirm that, indeed, we consumed a lot of West African music in 2022.

In its data (Google) on Kenyans’ top search trends of 2022, Google revealed that the top 10 searched lyrics were all Afrobeats songs.

There is one local song that made the chats which is the patriotic song, Peter Kigia’s Tushangilie Kenya (Let’s Celebrate Kenya).

As of 2022 in Kenya, Rush lyrics is the most Googled music lyrics in Kenya followed by Tushangilie Kenya Lyrics and Sugarcane Remix Lyrics.

Here are the most Googled lyrics by Kenyans in 2022.

Most Google Songs In Kenya:

1.    Rush Lyrics

2.    Tushangilie Kenya Lyrics

3.    Sugarcane Remix Lyrics

4.    Girlfriend Lyrics

5.    Calm Down Lyrics

6.    Finesse Lyrics

7.    Overdose Lyrics

8.    Cough By Kizz Daniel Lyrics

9.    For My Hand Lyrics

10.  Love Nwantiti Lyrics

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