Nazizi’s Son Jazeel Dies On Christmas Day In Tanzania

Nazizi son Jazeel

Nazizi Hirji, a musician from Kenya, and her spouse are grieving the loss of their three-year-old son Jazeel.

Jazeel passed away on Christmas Day in an accident at the Tanzanian hotel where the family was lodging, according to a statement on Nazizi’s Facebook.

‘We lost this young soul in an unfortunate accident at a hotel where the family was staying. He was buried earlier today in Nairobi, in accordance with his religion.

“In these dark times, the light of a child’s life – in all its innocence and joy – is undeniably the purest. The void left by the loss is both immeasurable and the pain is unbearable,” read the statement in part.

Nazizi called upon the media and her fans to accord the family privacy during this difficult period as she mourns the death of her beloved son.

“We appeal for your compassion and understanding out of respect for their need for peace during this time of mourning.”

“We kindly request everyone to allow Nazizi and her family the space they need to begin the healing process. A more detailed statement will be made available once the family has had some time to mourn their tremendous loss,” read the statement.

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