Crazy Kennar Son Death: What Happened?

Crazy Kennar Son

Popular Kenyan comedian Crazy Kennar, real name Kennedy Odhiambo, has opened out about the tragic death of his child, who passed away four days before his sold-out show, Happy Country.

During his presentation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Conference Centre (JKICC) on Saturday, December 16, the comedian—who is widely recognized for his amusing skits on social media—spoke about his emotions.

A shared video online showed of a number of celebrities arranged on the comedian’s back on stage. The comedian had on a shirt that was navy blue.

Then he revealed that he had lost his baby four days before the event.

“Unfortunately, my son died four days ago. So it has been a very tough journey for me because we had to go through that and at the same time make the show,” he said.

The comedian did not reveal the cause of his son’s death or his name, but he thanked his fans for their support and prayers. He also urged them to be kind and compassionate to one another, as they may not know what someone is going through.

The comedian thanked his followers for their prayers and support but withheld the cause of his son’s death and his name.

Additionally, he asked people to show kindness and compassion for one another because they never know what another person is going through.

“My word as a happy citizen is whenever you see someone walking while smiling, just go and ask him if he is okay or not. Let’s be our brothers and sisters’ keepers. Let’s love one another. Thank you very much,” he added.

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