New Increased ID, Birth Certificate, Visa and Passport Fees/Charges In Kenya 2023

New passport, ID, birth certificate charges in Kenya

It has now gotten even more expensive as the ID, birth certificate, work permit and passport fees increase significantly.

In a gazette notice on November 7, 2023, Treasury Cabinet Secretary (CS) Njuguna Ndung’u granted his Interior counterpart Kithure Kindiki the authority for the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services to revise charges and levies for various government services.

Among the services affected include; verification fees (IPRS), citizenship fees, permanent residence fees, registration of births and deaths fees, visa fees, passport fees, work permit fees and Identity Card (ID) fees.

The New Increased Charges For Passports, Birth/Death Certificate, National ID and Work Permit:

As of now acquiring a certificate of birth in Kenya will cost you Ksh200, up from Ksh50 and the same charges goes for a death certificate.

Re-registration of birth certificate in Kenya will now cost Ksh1,000 up from Ksh90 while amendments of both birth and death certificates will cost Ksh1,000 up from Ksh130.

From now onwards, replacement of your ID card in Kenya will cost Ksh2,000, up from Ksh100.

Kenyans will now pay Ksh7,500 for an ordinary passport (34 pages), up from Ksh4,500.

A 50-page passport will cost you Ksh9,500 up from Ksh6,000 while a 66-page passport in Kenya will cost Ksh12,500 up from Ksh7,500.

Also, Work permit fees for foreigners have also been adjusted upwards as work permit for investors Class G will now cost Ksh250,000 up from Ksh100,000 while a work permit for investors Class D will be Ksh500,000 up from Ksh200,000.

Other than that, now foreigners will also have to pay Ksh30,000 work permit processing fees, up from Ksh10,000.

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Most of these charges have been increased unbelievably high all at once and this might affect a lot of Kenyans especially the ones who were already on the process of aquring or registration.

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